Zayed University Marks World Diabetes Day 2018

14 Nov 2018

Zayed University marked the international World Diabetes Day through an educational campaign to raise awareness on the disease forms, general causes, identify early symptoms, and preventive measures.

Prof. Reyadh AlMehaideb, Zayed University Vice-President, inaugurated the ‘Stop Diabetes’ campaign together with Dr. Haleama Al Sabbah, Associate Professor and Researcher in Public Health Nutrition at Zayed University. Hundreds of Zayed University students, faculty members, and staff experienced free health checkups including tests for diabetes through body composition assessments, blood pressure cholesterol assessments, council sessions, cycling, and other activities.

AlMehaideb acclaimed the College of Natural and Health Sciences for planning an instructive campaign, where students and attendees gained knowledge about Diabetes dangers. “Seeing Zayed University students involved with awareness-related activities confirms readiness towards a healthy lifestyle ahead. An enjoyable life is led by generally learning more about diabetes causes, conditions and effectively managing it.”

Dr. Al Sabbah, said for her part, “According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Health Observatory report, UAE was ranked 7th out of nine Middle Eastern countries with highest in the obesity statistics among adults aged 18 and above. This disease, which is vastly spreading, is a serious, complex condition which can affect the body’s entire functionality.”

“Our focus in this year's activities is on improving lifestyle and healthy habits to prevent diabetes or reduce its symptoms. We urged the importance of early examination to detect diabetes and control the disease properly through healthy eating and physical activity.”

Dr. Osama Al-Lala, an expert in the Department of Health and Fitness at the Ministry of Education, explained the seriousness of diabetes and stressed the need to follow a healthy lifestyle to control the symptoms of the disease and adapt to it. He said, "We should start with five basic health aspects to improve the quality of life and thus reduce the incidence of diseases such as diabetes." Firstly, he pointed out was sleeping, Adults should rest between 7-8 hours and 10-12 hours for children.

Secondly, avoiding stress, thirdly focus on physical activities, "Studies have shown that the higher the muscle mass, the less the risk of infection because the muscles consume sugar," he said.

The fourth point is to stay away from eating fast foods that do not contain nutrition and nothing other than high amounts of sugar. Then, last but not least, is drinking enough water.

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