Zayed University celebrates White Cane Day

12 Nov 2017

The seventh edition of the White Cane Day was recently organized and held by Zayed University’s Department of Student Accessibility Services to raise students and public awareness on issues related to visually disabled individuals, with determination, under the slogan ‘With my cane, I am determined to own my world’.

The event, which took place on two separate days on both ZU campuses, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, was initiated by Prof. Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, alongside Dr. Marilyn Roberts, Provost of Zayed University.

Prof. AlMehaideb expressed gratitude for carrying out such noble activities that acquaint students and members of the ZU community with the best practices and activities to support and encourage disabled students, with determination, especially those who suffer visual impairment. “The event included different stands that provided a practical exercise for a direct experience of the daily challenges faced by those who lost the gift of sight,” he said.

Prof. AlMehaideb went on to express appreciation to all student volunteers for their excellent efforts to support the event. “Zayed University provides full services equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to support disabled students, with determination, including those with visual disabilities, to ensure they have a suitable learning experience, independence, and further engagement with the University’s community,” he said.

Activities included workshops to educate students, teachers and administrators on how to help people with visual disabilities, such as "Eating in the Dark" workshop, where one learns how to eat without seeing or touching food, a workstation included an educational practice of arranging the table for people with visual disabilities following international codes. Another included a computer exercise utilizing non-visual aids, as well as tactile reading and writing experience through the Braille Alphabetic writing system and much more.

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