CCMS students enroll over 500 volunteers for 2018 Abu Dhabi Special Olympics

20 Nov 2017

Students from the College of Communication and Media Sciences (CCMS) at Zayed University concluded their class project by signing up nearly 500 volunteers and contributors to the Special Olympics IX MENA Games scheduled 14-23 March 2018, which will be held in Abu Dhabi.

Incorporating Special Olympics into the student curriculum, the ‘Volunteer & Registration Event’ organized by Assistant Professor Dr. Noela Michael’s Tourism and Culture Communication Class, head-starts the MoU agreement, which hands Zayed University’s exclusivity in leading the volunteers training program. The event was one of six Special Olympics class projects done by the CCMS students to plan, conduct, evaluate and reflect the event.

Following three main Media Production and Storytelling classes, students handled web designs and publishing, conveyed public service announcements, and produced Arabic and English features and video documentaries. The Public Relations Campaigns class focused on the volunteer recruitment campaign, while the Strategic Planning and Development class sharpened role playing in client and partnership capabilities.

"These class initiatives are valuable in practical learning methodology,” said Pamela Creedon, Acting Dean of CCMS, Students in our undergraduate and graduate classes worked on in-depth understanding of the Special Olympics to develop strategies and tactics in promoting events and festivals and to recruit volunteers for the Special Olympics IX MENA Games.”

“Also, we presented our class projects to faculty and professionals attending the AUSACE Conference in Cairo, Egypt, and were accompanied by the Public Relations Director of the MENA games and a member of the 2019 SO committee, Taghrid Al Saeed.”

Speaking on behalf of the Special Olympics organization, Flavia Fontes, Director of the Special Olympics Volunteer Program, stated that by hosting the event the students had the opportunity to deal with a real-life client, “I am personally impressed with the outcomes poured from such outstanding student courses and requirements, student performance levels matched those of most private agencies,” she said.

“I was happy to feel their enthusiasm through the results we have achieved so far, the number of volunteers in one campaign was beyond expectations” “Videos produced by the students were extraordinary in terms of content and techniques, they’ll be displayed on large screens during the campaign and major events," Fontes said.

Fatma Al Qassimi, Director of the Students Accessibility Services Department who is a member of the UAE Special Olympics board, expressed her gratitude, “I am proud to see Zayed University students demonstrate leadership, commitment, and take on arduous tasks during the Special Olympics volunteer signing event." "The Special Olympics volunteer signing event was very well organized by the College of Communication and Media Sciences students, who were keen on encouraging peers to volunteer in the event."

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