Zayed University holds a lecture on "The Anatomy of Innovation"

24 Jan 2016

Zayed University recently organized a lecture entitled “The Anatomy of Innovation” on its Abu Dhabi campus, and delivered by Dr. Kamiel Gabriel.

Dr. Gabriel holds a Bachelor of Science, and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alexandria in Egypt, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Manitoba in Canada. He also holds a diploma in Space Science from the International Space University in France, and an M.B.A. from the Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

The lecture came in line with the UAE’s national innovation strategy that focuses on fostering innovation and the year of reading, which aims to create a generation of book lovers and consolidate the UAE’s position as a global capital for culture and knowledge.  

At the outset of the lecture, which was attended by Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Vice President of Zayed University, and Dr. Marilyn Roberts, Acting Provost of Zayed University, Dr. Gabriel highlighted the UAE’s significant approach to innovation and how the UAE government continues to be a catalyst for change.

He introduced his published book “The Anatomy of Innovation”, which is divided into ten chapters and narrates his experience in innovation.

“My experience has shown me that for innovation to occur and succeed, it needs all parts of its anatomy to work in harmony. As with the body, the brain controls the thought process to bring forth ideas; it also controls the nervous system to make parts move to put such ideas to action; it enables the eyes to see what the rest of the members are doing and hence work in harmony; and then the heart produces the blood flow necessary to either walk, run or sprint to produce the desired outcome,” Dr. Gabriel, the recipient of national and international awards, said.

He pointed out that the book draws on years of experience in managing research and innovation at academic institutions and government innovation organizations in Canada and abroad.

“It is my hope that the concepts outlined in this book will be an inspiration to individuals and organization that are involved in the innovation eco-system to come together and build cohesive communities. Only then regions, municipalities and countries could effectively manage their technology and reap the benefits of their investments in science and technology,” Dr. Gabriel added.  

During his lecture that was attended by a large number of Zayed University students and faculty members , Dr. Gabriel displayed top revolutionary inventions that changed the world and altered the way the human species lives, such as the light bulb, telephone, paper, compass, phonograph, and computer.

He also pointed out that innovative talents should be trained to gain the confidence to create and organizations should invest in systematic innovation education to nourish and nurture creative and innovative capacity.

“There is an urgent need to go beyond the classroom model and introduce new and creative ways of teaching,” Dr. Gabriel said adding that, “For innovation to occur, it requires a unique mix of factors such as, curiosity for solving problems, need, and conscious awareness, competence, and deep courage.”

During his lecture, Dr. Gabriel also stressed on the importance of government funding programs to support innovation intermediaries and warned against innovation barriers such as lack of connectivity and lack of goals and focus.

Furthermore, he highlighted some of the major problems that required innovation in order to be tackled, such as carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, hunger, energy consumption, and human overpopulation.  

In 2013, Dr. Gabriel worked closely with Zayed University in the start-up of a new initiative offering leadership, entrepreneurship and service learning.

He praised Zayed University’s efforts in innovation saying: “ My short time at Zayed University brought renewed confidence of its continued growth into a truly one of the most excellent higher education institutions of learning in the UAE. I wish to congratulate the leadership of Zayed University and their efforts in nurturing a culture of innovation.”

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