Zayed University discusses ways of cooperation with the University Technology MARA

19 Apr 2015

Zayed University has welcomed the Malaysian delegation from the University Technology MARA Kelantan in Dubai campus recently to discuss ways of cooperation in the field of business, social enterprises and Islamic Studies.

The meeting came following a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was signed earlier this year between the two universities.

The meeting was attended by Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb, Zayed University Vice President, Dr. Marilyn Roberts, Zayed University Acting Provost, J.Michael Allen, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs and Research and several faculty members from the College of Business and the Institute of Islamic World Studies.

“Small and medium enterprises play a significant role in fostering the economic development in each country and Zayed University has always encouraged its students to establish their own businesses and instill the entrepreneurship spirit in young generations,” Professor Reyadh AlMehaideb said.

“The UAE is always keen to promote Islamic Finance which is set to play a dominant role in key markets. Dubai has already launched many initiatives with the target to become the capital of the Islamic economy, and Malaysia has invested great efforts in Islamic finance as well, therefore, Zayed University is eager for more cooperation,” he added.

The Malaysian university team has discussed ways of cooperation with Zayed University in the field of social enterprises and Islamic finance using the Islamic Microfinance model to alleviate poverty.

The one-day event also witnessed a public seminar managed by the Institute for Islamic World Studies.

Dr. Tarek Abdallah, Associate Professor at the Institute for Islamic World Studies, was the mediator of the presentation, which was entitled “Social Enterprises Using Islamic Microfinance Model” and given by Professor Normah Haji Omar, Corporate Integrity Assessment Expert and Director of Accounting at Business and Economic Research Center at the University of Technology MARA.

Many students also attended the one-day event at Zayed University’s Dubai campus.

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