US delegation visits Zayed University

10 Mar 2015

A delegation of teachers and members of the World Affairs Council (WAC) of Dallas/ Fort Worth visited Zayed University on Monday to gain better understanding of the UAE during a study tour.

The delegation was led by Jennifer Bowden, Director of Education.  

 The meeting was attended by Dr. Marilyn Roberts, the Acting Provost of Zayed University, Dr. Abdel Mohsen Mohamed, Associate Provost and Chief Academic Officer and various deans of colleges at Zayed University.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the WAC of Dallas/Fort Worth is a non-profit, non-partisan, international affairs organization that focuses on promoting international awareness and cross-cultural understanding in the North Texas community. The Council is also dedicated to promoting international education and global literacy among US students and teachers.

Dr. Roberts briefed the delegation on the sophisticated programmes at Zayed University, which reflect the wise leadership of the UAE and tremendous efforts invested in the field of education.

“Academic programmes and extracurricular activities are integrated components at Zayed University to strengthen skills and potential capabilities of Emirati students. The university has always adopted the bilingual education system that involves teaching academic and non-academic content in two languages”, Dr. Roberts added.

Dr. Roberts has also pointed out that December 2 is the best time to visit the UAE, where you can have a look back at the massive history and witness phenomenal progress in the country’s National Day.

The WAC delegation had a brief campus tour following the meeting. The delegation had the chance to examine students projects and art works exhibited at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises.

Jennifer Bowden expressed her delight to visit Zayed University and the UAE.

“My colleagues and I were able to form an accurate idea about the great development and civilization witnessed in the UAE. It is a great opportunity to broaden our experience and enrich our knowledge about the country,” Bowden said.