Zayed University Celebrates the Third International White Cane Day

17 Oct 2012

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Zayed University’s Vice President, inaugurated the Third International Annual White Cane Day at Zayed University’s Dubai Campus on October 14, 2012. This event organized by the Office of Accessibility, in the presence of Dr. Larry Wilson, Zayed University’s Provost, and a number of public figures, and Zayed University students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Sulaiman highlighted the important role that this annual celebration plays at Zayed University, as it not only enlightens faculty and staff on the best practices to deal with and support visually impaired students, but also portrays the cultural and societal facet of Zayed University, and its utter commitment to its community and students, as it constantly strives to ensure all students are offered the best opportunities to prosper and build up their personal and professional capabilities in the friendliest and most professional learning setting.

From her end, Ms. Fatma Al Qassimi, Manager of Office of Accessibility at Zayed University, also stressed on the importance of spreading awareness regarding visual impairment in the community, and shed light on the most recent and updated methods that help facilitate the development of visually impaired students, and provide them with the opportunity to grow and fulfill their aspirations in a safe learning environment.

The day entailed a set of insightful workshops, competitions and presentations that better introduced the audience to visual impairment and to various means to support this cause. A similarly successful event also took place at Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus on October 17, 2012.

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