Four New Master Programs on Islamic World Studies at Zayed University

15 Feb 2012

One hundred and fifty male and female graduate students have begun their higher studies, at both campuses of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, through four new Master programs of the Institute for Islamic World Studies (IIWS). The programs were launched by H.E Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and President of Zayed University, last December, in a ceremony that gathered Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt along with prominent figures in Islamic studies, and a group of stakeholders.

“As part of the efforts to support education through practical methodology, the new IIWS MA programs aim to promote advanced research on the contribution of Muslims to science and culture to respond positively to the challenges of modernity and globalization. IIWs seeks to advance critical research and original scholarship on theoretical, empirical, and comparative Islamic studies”, said Professor Nasr Arif, Executive Director of IIWS. “We’re working on launching Phd Programs next year”, he added.

The MA program on Contemporary Islamic Studies (MACIS) critically examines Islamic knowledge that forms the people’s minds in contemporary Islamic world and in the UAE in particular. Provided in both Arabic and English, MACIS will equip students with the latest tools to analyze the traditional texts, goals and objectives of Islamic law, and their applications in reality. The program will also emphasize the value of neutrality, impartiality and avoiding fancy as key elements for dealing with contemporary issues in the Muslim world. The MA program on Studies Endowment (MAES) covers theoretical and practical aspects of endowment. It aims to prepare researchers and officials of endowment (Waqf) to enrich institutions of endowment and civil society in the UAE, GCC region and beyond. Provided in both Arabic and English, MAES will compare historical, cultural, scientific and religious roles of endowment in the Muslim and Western worlds. It will also address different ways of managing endowment effectively, and how to protect the independence of endowment in order to promote sustainable development in Muslim countries.

The MA program on Islamic Economics and Wealth Management (MAIEWM) aims at training professionals in wealth management, fund, bonds and banking from an Islamic perspective, so that the students will possess fundamental analytical qualities in financial management. Being second to none in the Middle East, MAIEWM will raise awareness of the principles of Islamic economics, services and transactions that take place in markets, institutions, and different economic systems around the world, including the Islamic system. Available in English, MAIEWM will equip students with the tools of qualitative and quantitative analysis appropriate to deal with the issues and contemporary problems facing national and international economy and finance.

The MA program on Islamic World Studies (MAIWS) aims at developing a critical understanding of the economic , social and cultural conditions in the Muslim world. In of time of featuring the Muslim World as a hub in media, MAIWS seeks to analyze the bases of inter- and intra-state relations in Muslim countries, and between them and other countries, using solid scientific methods. Available in English, MAIWS is designed to benefit promising academicians and researchers, and those who need well-established knowledge of the Muslim world.

Each of these four new MA programs will use new teaching methods and techniques, such as scenarios, case study and workshops, and will be covered in 36 credit hours. Teaching will be offered by highly qualified experts and professors, who are well reputed nationally and Internationally. It is worth mentioning that Zayed University offers a wide range of internationally accredited graduate programs “to transform already accomplished professionals into confident, successful leaders and to prepare them for a wealth of accomplishments throughout their careers”, said Maureen Goodwin, Manager, Graduate Programs Marketing and Development Office of Graduate Studies, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi.

“The College of Arts and Sciences at Zayed University has recently launched the Master of Arts (M.A.) in Museum Studies that will provide participants with a foundation in museum operation and management, exhibition design, contemporary western art, Arabic and Islamic design, and Emirati heritage. Graduates will be able to join a curatorial staff, work in exhibition design, develop heritage and historical interpretation plans, and help shape the cultural tourism industry.”