Zayed University students give performances on the science of practical training

22 Mar 2010

Zayed University students from the College of Arts & Science, Natural Science and Public Health Section, Dubai Campus, organized educational presentations covering practical science training courses in the institutions, organizations and business sectors. These presentations were conducted in the presence of a number of faculty members, university students and delegates from the Dubai Municipality and Kalba hospital - being involved in training the students through workshops, lectures and field visits.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Vice President of Zayed University said that practical training is a key element in the academic courses and programs offered by the University and it is one of the graduation requirements for students. Students coordinate with the various organizations, institutions and major business sectors of the  Emirates to organize "pre-graduation programs" for students in accordance with the courses of their specialization. The training courses run to about ten weeks during which students exercise actual work under the supervision of officials from the participating organizations while being monitored by the University professors. During their training period, all students are required to submit their creative ideas which would contribute to work development in raising the level of performance in these organizations.  The intern student is also required to submit a report to her University training supervisor and fellow students on her scientific evaluation and the quality of experience and practice she acquired through her training.

Dr. Al Jassim added that the practical training programs which are offered by the University are very successful in preparing and qualifying students - both in their careers and in their professional post-graduate study.  These programs  provide a link between theory and reality of students' practical continued development in sharing the work environment and its actual requirements. He pointed out that the University is organizing exhibitions and forums in both its campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to provide opportunities for students to get acquainted with the areas of training and employment in various specializations. He expressed his appreciation for the cooperation of various organizations as they provide both training and recruitment opportunities for university students and graduates, stressing the importance of communication among society sectors of different domains.

On his part, Dr. Osama Al Alami - Associate professor, Natural Sciences and Public Health Department of the College of  Arts & Science, of Zayed University, said that the scientific presentations conducted by the participating students in the training courses offered by the Dubai Municipality and Kalba hospital, included scientific and practical  courses. Students practiced how to develop and apply these courses to actual work environment.  Their training was evaluated by the officials involved who reported favorably on the commitment and interaction of students with the climate and nature of work.

Practical experiences and new concepts

The training students reported that they have benefited a lot from their training program, through gaining new experiences and practices which were reflected in the development and change they acquired in some of their ideas and concepts.

Students Marwa Ahmad Al Awadhi, Naseeba Husein Abdullah Mohammed Al Marzouqi and Nouf Yousuf Abdul Ghani, who received their  training course in Dubai Municipality, that they received good benefits this training course because they have been introduced to the labor market and the great relation between health and environment. They added that they now understand how important is the role which the Municipality plays in people's health and work environments - and the fines which people and organizations if they don't go by healthy requirements. They expressed the great value which they gained through visiting many factories during training  - such as aluminum and gold factories - as well as their visits to various ladies salons and spas, in addition to their visits to hotels, restaurents and kitchens which gave them lots of opportunities to observe the close relation which exists between health and environment.

On her part, student Shaima Ismail who received her training in Kalba Hospital, said she devided her days through the various hospital's sections which look after treatment of various ailments of the patients.  She gave details of the good treatments offered by the Kalba Hospital to patients of all ages and needs. As she received her training also during the International Diabetic's Day Shaima gave examples of the good treatment diabetic patients receive as they are given regular periodic referrals and visiting schedules. She also gained statistical experiences on how to categorise patients by age groups and sexes - as well as ways and means of care and patience given in providing guidance, advice to types of sick people.