Zayed University Launches Accessibility Office for Special Needs

01 Mar 2010


Zayed University launches Accessibility Office for students with special needs. The Office offers administrative and academic services and social facilities to help students complete their studies and research and participate in activities on campus.

The Vice President of Zayed University, Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim, confirmed that the university pays all the attention and care for students with special needs and believes in the importance of applying the best ways and latest professional practices to meet their needs. The university works on providing special care and support for them to integrate with their colleagues in all educational institutions and provide them with job opportunities and good standard of living.

Dr.Sulaiman added that the university puts into consideration the technical aspects needed to suit their requirements in both campuses. Activities and events have been organized to raise awareness among students, staff and the public to better understand how to assist people with special needs. The university is willing to participate in public forums that address these needs and put together educational and training programs with professionals to build up their skills and abilities and develop the understanding and experience of people who interact with them, noting that the College of Education at Zayed University in both campuses provides the best academic and training programs to the students in special need focusing on developing their abilities and talents.

Fatma Al Qassimi, Senior Specialist, Accessibility Office, said that preparations have begun to establish the Accessibility Office towards the beginning of next year, to work on facilitating the admission of students with special needs. The aim is to prepare and qualify outstanding graduates, professionally and practically. The university has prepared a long-term plan to attract students with special needs with different disabilities to achieve their studies in both undergraduate and graduate programs. The Accessibility Office is focused on providing all administrative, social and academic services for the students as well as organizing visits and field trips in high schools in the emirate to encourage special needs students to join Zayed University and raise awareness of its services and facilities provided. The Office also assists in their admission process and registration and follows up with their requests throughout their university life. Part-time jobs will also be available for the students who wish to work while studying.

Fatma added that the Office will provide field training programs at different institutions around the country according to the students' major and their willingness to join the workforce after graduating.