Zayed University students organize a seminar with students from Japan

16 Mar 2010

Japanese Club Students of Zayed University in Dubai organized a seminar with a number of students from Japanese universities during their visit to Zayed University in Dubai recently.                   

The seminar addressed the effects of globalization on the customs and traditions of people, as it was attended by 25 students, who are members of the Japanese Club, representing the various colleges of the University.

Dr.Sulaiman  AlJassim, Vice President of Zayed University, stated that this seminar comes within the framework of communication among various cultures to identify concerns of the youth and develop awareness of students' interests with their counterparts from international universities. He added that the various clubs of the University -through students' extra-curricular activities- function side by side with the academic programs of the University to add to the cultural and social growth of students.   

Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim explained that the cultural clubs of Zayed University contribute favorably in developing students' positive thinking to practice it in their daily life. He added that the activities of clubs are part of the cultural programs which are presented by the University within the strategy of comprehensive scientific and academic achievements of Zayed University as supported by HE Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, President of Zayed University. Therefore, students develop and acquire diverse prospective in life, both academically and socially. By interaction with students of many cultures, Zayed University students also seek to apply their learning outcomes which include proficiency in Arabic and English languages, as well as development of their skills and technical knowledge in the best ways to achieve progress and success in their Community as pioneers or leaders, and to strengthen their appreciation of their own culture.  

On her part, student Sarah Walid Al Sayed of the College of Business Sciences and Vice-President of the Japanese club of Zayed University in Dubai, explained that the seminar was attended by students of Zayed University, along with Japanese university students who are members of the "League of the Arabian Gulf, Japan".  The Seminar addressed values and Arab customs and traditions, held a comparison between the past and present. The Seminar also discussed the concepts of education, work, urban culture and development in light of the impacts and implications of globalization. Other items discussed included Arabic and UAE architectural and fashion design as affected by other cultures. Sara made it clear that even though some families have their younger generation branched off to live in separate houses independently from their parents, and despite the remarkable progress of the UAE, its society members still maintain their inherited customs and traditions in their daily practice and family life.

The Seminar also discussed the huge rise in UAE construction through the use of building materials which introduced differences in design and sizes of new buildings as shown in the huge numbers of towers and "skyscrapers".

Further discussion handled the progress and development of schools, whereby children originally started their education through studying the Koran, Arabic reading & writing, along with some beginnings in arithmetic. That is quite varied from today's progressive levels of many education programs in foreign languages, besides high levels of studying the Arabic language as the mother tongue.

Student Magida Ghaith of Zayed University, also a member in the Japanese Club, presented some fashion-design shows covering the traditional UAE "Abaya" and its accompaniments, which was matched by the Japanese students who explained their kimono as the Japanese traditional dress, worn by their women, men and children, but is being used less and less by all currently. Magida Ghaith also explained that lots of changes and differences occurred in modern Japan, since 1960, due to globalization and wars influence.

The Japanese students concluded their Seminar in Zayed University, Dubai, by taking a tour around the University campus, including its colleges, library and scientific laboratories.