Du and Zayed University discuss future partnership at technology forum

01 Mar 2010


In an open forum held in Dubai, Zayed University hosted du CEO Osman Sultan, who addressed students on the subject of the impact of technology on human lives, entitled ‘Today's Technology: Curse or Opportunity for Tomorrow?'. Upon his arrival to the university, Mr.Sultan was welcomed by the Vice-President of Zayed University, Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim who also shared his views with Sultan and the students on the current and future impacts of technology on human life. Following the speech, Osman, AlJassim and members of the faculty from the University discussed areas of potential partnership based on the mutual benefits of the university's academic expertise and du's expertise in the telecom sector.

The event is part of du's Emiratisation strategy to connect and create a dialogue with prominent educational institutions in the UAE and also act as an avenue to identify potential Emirati talent as future leaders.

Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim, thanked du Chief Executive for this initiative expressing that that the University looks forward to establish a future cooperation with du and take advantage of its experience, beneficial for both parties, adding that the UAE had made giant strides at all levels of development, growth and modernisation enhancing thus professional and practical performance, which embodies the future vision of the State wise leadership to keep pace with new technologies. Zayed University pointed to the continuous close contact between Zayed University and all authorities, institutions and work sector in the aim to consolidate ZU vision of community engagement. Dr.AlJassim reiterated his appreciation to cooperate with du in many areas, as one of the leading national companies to promote IT knowledge among students.

Zayed University, Dr.Sulaiman added, is keen to provide the latest academic and technical programs in order to achieve quality and excellence in its educational outcomes and nurture a cadre of bright bilingual young minds armed with technological skills and in-depth understanding of a cutting-edge multi-platform environment.

For his part, Osman thanked the University for giving du the opportunity to participate in the event, and during his discussion with the students he said: "The fast development of technology in the current age affects everyone's lifestyle. This development will make our lives subject to three screens; mobile, computer and TV, since any important application for conducting our daily lives will be available through these".

Sultan encouraged the students to benefit from the fast development of technology in order to achieve the utmost success and channel their creativity. He went on that because of technology, nowadays, one man can deliver what hundreds of employees in a company would have achieved in the past, citing the example of shooting a movie and uploading it on prominent websites, which provides easy access to an extensive archive of information.

"The UAE has made rapid strides in applying state-of-the-art technologies to its academic programmes, in line with the future vision of the UAE leadership to keep pace with today's educational requirements. This positive step has been possible through the fruitful cooperation and collaboration between Zayed University and the various public and governmental bodies and institutions, all of which has contributed to entrenching community participation and involvement. I am very excited about the cooperation between the University and du, which aims to enhance digital literacy in the field of communications and technology," said Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim, Vice-President of Zayed University.

"I am keen to provide the latest academic and technical programmes in order to achieve quality and excellence in education and nurture a cadre of bright, bilingual, young minds who - armed with technological skills and in -depth understanding- are able to create active solutions for solving issues," continued AlJassim.

The meeting between the two parties was attended by Safia AlRaqbani, Chief Development Officer and faculty members of Zayed University. Also in attendance were Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Human Resources and Corporate Services Officer, du, Hala Badri EVP of Brand and Communications, du, and Jamal Khalifa Lootah, Senior Director National Recruitment & Development, du.