Zayed University and Dubai Police initiate a campaign against drug use

18 Feb 2010


In cooperation with Dubai Police and sponsored by Dubai Bank, Zayed University launched a three-day campaign against drugs at Dubai Campus. Under the heading "Say No To Drug", students from across the university participated in the different activities, lectures and workshops.

Dr.Sulaiman AlJassim, Vice President of Zayed University, said the campaign is part of the university's cultural and social strategy. The campaign involves different activities that help develop the students' understanding  and increase their awareness of issues that concern the community, particularly those relating to ethical behavior and life practices, which may be a burden on aspects of development. Drug abuse is a serious threat to people's health and can destroy a persons' life. The efforts of all communities is needed in order to overcome this problem and protect our children from becoming preys to drug dealers.

Dr.Sulaiman praised the effort Dubai Police has put into tracking down drug abusers and dealers as well as their interest in raising awareness among the youth and families and various communities through awareness campaigns. Zayed University and its students support such activities that aim to communicate with the society and add new experiences and knowledge to their academic and practical studies.

Major Dr.Juma Sultan AlShamsi of Dubai Police said the campaign varied between presenting and distributing information through direct conversations, posters, publications as well as lectures on health, mental and societal dangers of drug abuse, whether on an individual, a family or a society. It is important to cooperate in reporting cases of drug abuse by the abuser himself or a member of his/her family and relatives so that the abuser can be helped in legal matters and not be subjected to punishment in this case. This will allow the abuser to be treated and avoid further damages that are caused by drugs to the person, the family and those around them. Many studies conducted around the world stressed on the importance of the family's role in the prevention of abnormal behavior in children by focusing on family communication and joining in conversations and different life issues. The study proved that the reasons leading to delinquency, including drug abuse, are domestic violence, lack of communication and lack of family control. Drug abuse is a global problem that affects all aspects of life, economically, politically and socially. This campaign is part of a series of campaigns organized by Dubai Police in cooperation with different institutions to raise awareness against problems facing our youth and children. Zayed University has provided all the facilities that made this a successful campaign.