Scientific Cooperation between Zayed University and Egyptian Akhbar Elyom

12 Feb 2010


Zayed University welcomed delegates from Egypt's Akhbar Elyom Media Corporation in Dubai campus.  The delegates were lead by Chairman Dr.Mohammed Ahdi Fadhli, Dr.Abdulhai Obaid, Manager of Akhbar Elyom Academy,  Obaid Al Tunaiji, Vice-President of UAE Academy, and a number of senior journalists and academics from the Institute. A meeting was held to consolidate for scientific cooperation between the Institute and Zayed University. The meeting was attended by Tom Cochran, Executive Advisor to the Vice President and a number of executives from the university colleges, faculty members and administration.

According to Tom Cochran, the Egyptian delegates were introduced to the University's academic programs and scientific majors which include the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Art and Design, International Studies, Health Sciences as well as majors in Business Sciences,  Information Technology, Communication and Media Sciences, Education, information security, I.T and websites. The delegates were also introduced to the Masters programs which consist of Health Care Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration, Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Tourism Communication, Education Leadership,  Special Education, and Cyber Security.

The University is working on adding new majors to Undergraduate and Graduate programs which consists of Bachelor of Art in Emirati Studies, Bachelor of Art in Multimedia Design, and Masters in Diplomatic Sciences and International Studies.

The media delegates, added Cochran, have acknowledged the effort the university has put into obtaining Accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to be the first university in the Middle East and outside the USA to obtain this accreditation. The accreditation is a result of applying advanced scientific, administrative and teaching methods and international standards in professional performance.  The delegates were also introduced to the university students scholarship programs from across the world and their participation in international conferences which reflects positively on student's  leadership skills development.

Dr.Mohammed Ahdi Fadhli, Chariman of Akhbar Elyom, praised the developments in the UAE and the  high development of ZU and its facilities. The university leaders have shown great interest in supporting  different levels of education considering it the base in building humanity. His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, President of Zayed University, is keen on applying best practices of global education in universities in the UAE to achieve distinct learning outcomes in leadership skills. Fadhli also pointed out that he is looking to exchange scientific and educational experiences with ZU and student representatives between the university and Akhbar Elyom Academy. This will include five colleges, including media and engineering,  which will add to the media studies within its different majors and also through the corporation's departments and management which represent prestigious journalism schools in the Arab press.