Zayed University Celebrates International Women's Day with "Inspiring Inclusivity" Event

08 Mar 2024

Zayed University celebrated International Women’s Day with an "Inspiring Inclusivity" event on its Abu Dhabi and Dubai campuses on the 4th and 7th March, respectively. The event included a series of community engagement activities, all designed to celebrate the progress and empowerment of women at ZU and across the UAE, encouraging them to shape a brighter future.

Organized by the University’s Student Affairs team and dedicated student leaders, the celebration included a range of activities. The Notable Female Leaders Exhibition allowed students to delve into the remarkable achievements of prominent ZU women, showcasing their contributions and impact. Next to this, the Art Corner provided a platform for students to display their creative talents, centering on the theme of female empowerment. Complementing these activities, the "Thank You to the Woman Who Inspired Me" Wall offered a unique space for the university community to express their gratitude and admiration for the women who have made a significant impact on their lives.

Jane Tatterton, Acting Assistant Provost for Student Affairs, commented, “It was amazing to witness the array of activities on campus for International Women’s Day. Each part of the “Inspiring Inclusivity” celebration highlight how far we have come in advancing gender equality. Since our foundation, when we were first an all-female institution, Zayed University has been a key enabler in providing young women with higher education, and it is moments like these that remind us all to keep pushing forward, together.”

Every year on International Women's Day, ZU commemorates the occasion with events that echo its long-standing traditions of promoting gender equality. This year's event, "Inspiring Inclusivity," demonstrates ZU’s commitment to fostering an inclusive environment that recognizes and supports female leadership and excellence, deeply rooted in its heritage.

By celebrating the achievements of women and promoting creativity, unity, and gratitude, "Inspiring Inclusivity" aligns with ZU’s core values of empowerment, community engagement, and respect.

The success of this event not only highlights the significant progress made towards achieving these goals but also reinforces the university's dedication to creating a supportive community for all its members.