Zayed University kicks off 2024 student recruitment initiatives, following record admissions to new programs

09 Oct 2023

Zayed University (ZU) will participate in education shows across the UAE throughout October as it launches its 2024 student recruitment initiatives. Students who want to join one of Zayed University’s programs will have the opportunity to meet with the admissions team during in-person events in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The events will enable students to learn about the university’s innovative teaching methods and how it is preparing students to succeed in their future careers.

The launch of the recruitment initiatives follows Fall 2023’s record admissions for Zayed University’s new programs, with enrolment across the university more than doubling compared to Fall 2022. The Sustainability program reported a 140% rise in student numbers as interest in the environment continues to surge across the country with COP 28 fast approaching. The College of Arts and Creative Enterprises also reported a tripling of its intake when compared with Fall 2022.

Professor Michael Allen, Acting Vice-President of Zayed University and Provost, commented: “The demand for our degree programs illustrates that ZU’s commitment to excellence and innovation continues to grow across the UAE. Choosing your degree program is one of the most critical decisions a young person can make, and it is vitally important that students are as informed as they can be about the programs we offer and the opportunities we provide to work in industry. Between now and next Fall our admissions team will be all over the UAE meeting young people who are thinking about coming to ZU next year. There has never been a more exciting time to come to ZU and we are confident we will be welcoming another record cohort onto our new degree programs.”

Throughout October the ZU admissions team will have a presence at the Najah Expo in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi; the UAE Education Fair, run by the Times Higher Education, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and The International Education Show in Sharjah.

The full schedule of Zayed University’s admissions is listed below:

8th-10th October: Najah Expo, Dubai

13th October: UAE Education Fair, Abu Dhabi 

14th-15th October: UAE Education, Dubai

18th-21st October: International Education Show, Sharjah

29th-31st October: Najah Expo, Abu Dhabi

Zayed University currently offers four degree programs through the College of Interdisciplinary studies: Business Transformation, Computational Systems, Social Innovation and Sustainability. Each of these programs has a range of specialisations and concentrations and the ground-breaking way the programs are structured – combing general education, interdisciplinary studies and in-depth disciplinary concentrations – enable students to gain a wide breadth of knowledge and skills, coupled with subject matter expertise.

In addition to the 4 interdisciplinary programs ZU continues to offer a wide range of popular arts programs through its College of Arts and Creative Enterprises. The arts programs are: Animation Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Visual Arts and Multimedia Design. 

In addition to the ground-breaking course content, students enrolling in Zayed University are taught using pioneering active learning techniques which enhance the learning experience; and participate in Zayed University’s unique partner challenge program which provide students with an opportunity to work alongside local and international companies giving them the valuable real-world experience needed to thrive in their career.

All degree programs at Zayed University are accredited by the UAE’s Commission for Academic Accreditation, and are in line with the UAE’s Centennial 2071 plan and Projects of the 50 which are focused on improving the education system as part of the Government’s plans to build a stronger and more innovative nation.