Zayed University collaborates with Hayat Biotech to enhance student employability

24 Oct 2023

Zayed University, a regional leader of higher education and advanced research, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hayat Biotech to boost student employability. This partnership with Hayat Biotech, an Abu Dhabi-based provider of cutting-edge biotechnology solutions, is set to provide Zayed University students and alumni with sought-after internship and employment opportunities in one of the most innovative segments of the UAE’s private sector.  

The strategic collaboration demonstrates Zayed University's long-standing dedication to student employability, ensuring that its students are well-equipped with skills that match the demands of today’s workforce. As part of the agreement, Hayat Biotech will offer internships and work placements to Zayed University students through the company’s graduate programs. In turn, Zayed University will play a crucial role in identifying and recommending promising candidates from its current student and alumni cohorts to satisfy Hayat Biotech’s recruitment needs.

Beyond these immediate initiatives, the partnership also paves the way for collaboration on industry events and activities between Zayed University and Hayat Tech, which is a joint venture between G42, a leading AI and Cloud computing company based in Abu Dhabi, and Sinopharm, China’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare group. This will further strengthen the bond between Zayed University and the UAE’s private sector and amplify its global influence.

The signing ceremony took place on the 23rd of October at Zayed University’s Abu Dhabi campus. Michael Allen, Acting Vice President and Provost of Zayed University, and Nawal AlKaabi, Senior Medical Advisor at Hayat Biotech, were the signatories. Senior representatives from both parties also attended the event.  

Michael Allen, speaking on behalf of the university, shared his enthusiasm: "This partnership with Hayat Biotech demonstrates our dedication to boosting student employability, placing our students and graduates at the forefront of innovation. As a UAE based biotechnology and life sciences hub, Hayat Biotech offers a unique opportunity to our students. Exposure to these types of innovative industries will equip them with invaluable insights and hands-on experience, giving them a significant advantage as they embark on their professional journeys."

AlKaabi, representing Hayat Biotech, echoed this sentiment: "Educating the youth about healthcare is paramount as it equips them with lifelong knowledge and encourages responsible health choices. By empowering our young generation with health education, we pave the way for healthier, informed, and proactive individuals who can contribute to a better society and improved public health outcomes. Furthermore, collaborating with universities in healthcare education not only enhances the reach of this crucial knowledge but also fosters innovation and research, shaping the future of healthcare."

Zayed University’s continuing dedication to enhancing student employability and collaboration with the private sector demonstrates its alignment with the UAE’s Centennial 2017 objectives, which emphasizes innovation in education and the development of a diversified knowledge-based economy.