Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Hosts the 12th Annual White Cane Day at Zayed University

04 Nov 2022

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Department celebrated the International White Cane Day, which falls on Oct 15th, by organizing the 12th edition of the annual event to raise awareness about various topics related to White Cane usage, visual impairment, and accommodation for low-vison and blind students.

This year, Zayed University organized two events, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Campuses, focusing on the importance of family and university support to ensure the independence of students with visual impairment. Held under the banner “From Dependency to Active Participation,” SAS hosted a one-hour panel discussion followed by 2 hours of interactive activities for Zayed University’s internal community. SAS has also taken the privilege to invite parents of the students that we support to the event to raise their awareness of their essential role in promoting their children’s independence and the importance of using the white cane. 

An interactive student event that was implemented by the UAE Inclusive Network (Tathqeef) took place on Abu-Dhabi Campus on the 17th of October and also in Dubai on the 19th of October to raise awareness on the occasion of white cane day.

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