Zayed University students attend first Global Financial Management Association Conference in the Middle East

05 Dec 2022

From 14-16 November a group of students from Zayed University’s College of Business attended the inaugural Global Financial Management Association Conference in the Middle East.

The prestigious event, hosted in partnership with Zayed University, provided a forum for international experts to present new research and discuss current issues in financial management.  Dr. Rwan El-Khatib, Associate Professor in the College of Business at Zayed University worked as program chair alongside her colleagues Dr. Thorsten Bec from European University Institute, and Dr. Marc Lipson from University of Virginia.

The keynote address was presented by Professor Manju Puri, the J. B. Fuqua Professor of Finance at the Fuqua School of Business, at Duke University. In total there were 61 research presentation delivered by experts from around the world, covering a range of topics including Corporate investment, Climate finance, Cryptocurrency behavioural finance.

The group of undergraduate students from Zayed University participated in the event as volunteers and attended the keynote address and panel discussions.

Commenting on the event, Professor Michael Allen, Acting Provost at Zayed University said: “This is the first time the FMA has hosted an event in the Middle East and we are delighted to have been able to partner with them. These events serve a number of purposes: firstly, Zayed University is committed to strengthening further our research offering and convening prestigious international conferences such as these offer us a platform to showcase our research capabilities; and secondly these conferences provide students with access to world class academics from around the world. I have no doubt that our students learnt a great deal over the three days.”

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