Nasa Deputy Administrator stirs Zayed University students to become the aspiring leaders of the future

26 Oct 2021

Deputy Administrator of NASA, Col. (USAF, ret) Pam Melroy was recently received to lecture at the Zayed University Dubai campus’ atrium, where she enlightened STEM students about the necessity of setting up the next generation for success and exploring ways of becoming the leaders they aspire to be.

The event, which was themed “The Artemis Generation: Inspiring and Collaborating for a More Inclusive Future,” was held in collaboration between the College of Natural and Health Sciences, the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University and the U.S. Mission to the UAE.

“It was wonderful to see the bright young minds at Zayed University who represent a generation that will unlock greater discoveries about our universe,” said Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy. “I am reminded of the inspiration I drew from my heroes and mentors to ultimately pursue a career to become an astronaut. This generation – the Artemis generation – gives me hope for the future, and I was so pleased to have the opportunity to visit and talk about the limitless opportunities that lie ahead.”

Dr. Fares Howari, Dean of the College of Health and natural Sciences at Zayed University, said “Students are excited by discoveries, motivating them to share, discuss, and debate related ideas with others. Science talk is an instructional discourse practice that capitalizes on this enthusiasm and gives students regular and deliberate opportunities to process their thinking and communicate it. NASA Deputy Administrator  discussed thr rapid expansion of building a low-Earth orbit economy and an ever-present human desire to explore, there are new jobs, careers and industries – some that may not even exist yet – that will be led by the next generation of scientists, engineers, and astronauts. It is crucial we work to set the next generation up for success and ensure that everyone has access to become the leaders they dream to be.

The event was attended by many students and faculty members from Zayed University, where they’ve all had a chance to interact with NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy during the Q&A session following her lecture.

The meeting follows Zayed University’s agenda to fulfill the country’s aspirations towards the next 50 years including space sector projects, which are expanding rapidly. Driving the UAE’s space race mission will bring with it new employment opportunities as well as an exceptional chance to contribute to the improvement of humanity.

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