Partnership to encourage more Emiratis to choose private over public sector

06 Oct 2021

Zayed University (ZU) a leading academic institution in the UAE, has recently connected with Al Fardan Exchange to offer 100 Emirati students and alumni free online training programs in Anti-Money laundering, Identifying fake currencies, and risk management.

The agreement was signed on October 3, 2021, by Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, Chief Executive Officer - Al Fardan Exchange, and Hassan Al Najjar Member of the Zayed University Council and Founder of Infocus Media, at the Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus.

Zayed University as per the agreement shall nominate Emirati students to join the program offered by Al Fardan Exchange as part of the UAE’s Projects of the Next 50 years to introduce new plans which include strategies to encourage more Emiratis to choose the private over the public sector, where the vast majority work.

Hassan Al Najjar Member of the Zayed University Council and Founder of Infocus Media, said: “Today’s banks and exchange houses are defiantly ought to re-modify their operational models in the near future, especially with emergence of FinTech (Financial technology), which is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. And with such an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance, we are sought to train students and alumni and prepare them to become adaptive pioneers for the future of this sector.”

He also added, “Universities are key drivers for graduates to select private sector jobs over public and motivates them to start their own entrepreneurship journey. With such collaborations and partnerships, we can educate students about the possibilities and opportunities they can grasp by joining a more dynamic sector, which will defiantly escalate to their overall skills and experiences and foremost improve the UAE’s economic development.”

The CEO at Al Fardan Exchange, Hasan Fardan Al Fardan, said: “At Al Fardan Exchange, we are fully committed to supporting our nation’s wise leadership towards the fulfillment of the UAE’s Emiratisation aspirations. As a wholly owned Emirati establishment, we truly believe in this strategic initiative to propel nationalization across our beloved nation. At Al Fardan Exchange, we have already started the process of hiring and training UAE nationals within every department of our organization, with a keen focus to develop specialized skills that will serve the candidates well throughout their professional careers.”

In fact, our board of directors have set expectations at various levels within the organization to ensure the rigor and depth of our training and development programs with a view to develop a generation capable of assuring leadership roles within our organization and the wider financial services industry.

I am very delighted that we are engaging with Zayed University in another initiative that further bolsters Al Fardan Exchange’s role in fulfilling the nation’s Emiratisation ambitions. This initiative will also provide guidance for students to identify their preference in career goals while fostering their competencies.”

“Our Chairman Mr. Fardan Al Fardan, always reiterates the importance of our Emiratisation programs and individual schemes that nurture our Emirati talent and our future leaders,” he added.

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