Zayed University students design & co-create solutions for a more balanced and equal world

23 Nov 2021

Zayed University female students participated in an interactive session to co-create and design solutions for a diverse set of pre-defined challenges under the 5th Global Goal for Sustainable Development (SDG5): “Gender equality including women empowerment” such as disadvantaged communities, leadership representation of women in all sectors, senior management and board positions, and the elimination of bias and stereotypes through the use of technology.

The event was held at the SAP Pavilion at EXPO2020 on Monday (November 15, 2021) in  partnership between SAP-next-gen, The People of Impact and Zayed University NextGen Center which is operated by the College of Technological Innovation.

Dr. Hany El Kadi, Dean of the College of Technological Innovation at Zayed University, said that “This effort is part of the college’s mission to produce graduates that will make a difference to society within the United Arab Emirates and beyond”

The students came up with challenges facing women around the world and came up with solutions using emerging technology to help them pitch their ideas and business plans.

One of the suggested solutions was a software called “Startup” which will help women get the knowledge, experience, and learn from other entrepreneurs around the world. “Startup” also aims to give women the opportunity to enhance supportive systems which will benefit them in their business journeys.

Dr. Anoud Bani-Hani, Director of the NextGen Center at Zayed University, said that: “The discussion between students, SAP and People of Impact helped shape students’ visions, their “why” and how they can make practical impact towards society. This initiative falls in line with one of many of ZU’s key objectives on empowering graduates to make outstanding contribution towards the nation and the world.”

“We are very proud to team up with Zayed Univerisity and People of Impact during the week of “Tolerance and Inclusivity” at EXP0 2020. It was truly inspiring exploring the proposed solutions that our very own Zayed University aim to use to tackle gender balance in the workplace,” she added.

Noha Hefny, Founder and CEO, People of Impact, said: "People of Impact is committed to building a generation of socially responsible leaders. We are proud of our partnership with SAP, Zayed University and our common vision to deliver on that."

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