Zayed University Senior Projects 2021: An expression of reality through the eyes of young artists

07 Jul 2021

ShowCACE 2021 a creative arts exhibition was recently unveiled by Senior students from  Zayed University (ZU) College of Arts and Creative Enterprises (CACE) features project ideas and concepts around social awareness, productivity, healing and self-expression, and more.

Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth , President of Zayed University has recently visited the Exhibition, which is being held at Manarat Al Saydiyaat Abu Dhabi till July 26th. She commended the experience saying: "Our students perceptions and artistic expressions about the world around us is highly noticeable in their artwork. They have elaborated projects through an illustrated version of our realities and provided a clear idea on their point of view. Despite the exhibition being a pronouncement of art, the most interesting feature of the whole exhibition was the exploration of potential innovative solutions towards major issues such as challenges around sustainability and unemployment."

The exhibition gives students from the four main CACE disciplines namely Animation Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Visual Arts the opportunity to leverage on the skills they have refined over their years of study to develop a creative and innovative approach towards visual production. Students developed the ideation of their senior projects in collaboration with ZU faculty mentors to realize their final vision, integrated outside critique, and conducted practical research as a part of the creative process.

Rahaf AlQahtani - Graphic Design- opted for a social awareness campaign that results from her interest in society's negative beliefs about visiting a psychologist, titled: "Hope for the Hopeless". Commenting on her project, Rahaf said: "This project is based on my research on my surrounding's experiences. As a designer, it triggered me, and I felt that I could make a difference by raising awareness. Through my project, I hope to reach my community and help them break the stigma around mental health and change their negative beliefs and influence a healthier society.

Maha AlMehairbi – Interior design- created a concept of a café that offers workshops for indoor gardening. "The Plant Shop” provides a soothing environment that promotes a calm experience through the featuring of plants that purify the air and connect us to nature. Moreover, the hobby of gardening is becoming increasingly appreciated and practiced by people around the world for its psychological benefits in helping to reduce stress levels and its effects on improving focus and productivity." Maha said.

Maitha Al Omaira – Visual Arts built an installation that illustrates human emotions and personalities through combining astrology, astronomy and poetry. Maitha said: “I focused on healing and self- expression. I investigated the relationship between three phenomena of human expression. I am particularly interested in how these elements come together to help expose the journey one goes through in the process of self-exploration–a journey through emotions and outer space.

Eman Almahri – Animation created a 2D animated trailer tilted “Kitsune and Ved'ma” inspired by Russian and Japanese folktales. Eman commented on her project, saying: "As a low vision animator, I would like to share a glimpse of the world as my eyes perceive it. Furthermore, I would explore the role of animation and storytelling as a medium that has a significant cultural impact through the messages it delivers. I aim to have a clear message that grabs viewers' attention and conveys this message through my main character: the fox, called Kitsune, who gets punished by justice for his actions. Later he becomes better through the kindness of the witch, Ved'ma, whom he meets on his journey of self-growth.

More topics have been treated through the exhibition such as organic agriculture “GARSshop” done by Khadija Awadh. Mohsana Binamro developed  digital platforms dedicated to the adoption of stray animals called “Ihssan”. Another digital application by Maryam Al Rumaithi called “Sustain” that promotes the importance of living sustainably and explores sustainability- related topics within the UAE. Finally, Maha Nasser, creator of “Media Stereotyping of Arabs and Muslims” developed a medium that aims to present a holistic reality, picture and story of this topic from all angles.

The Exhibition is open to the public every day from 10am to 8pm until July 26th 2021 at Manarat Al Saydiyaat Abu Dhabi.

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