Zayed University welcomed over 1200 prospective students at the International Education Show

23 Oct 2021

Zayed University (ZU) has welcomed over 1200 students for the upcoming Fall 2022 during their participation at the 17th International Education Show which was held for three days starting Oct 19th to Oct 21 at the Sharjah Expo Center.

The Outreach Marketing and Admissions Office from Zayed University, “We are happy to say that we received a great number of students who expressed willingness to join ZU, our team has attended to the students and offered guidance, brochures, and answered quires related to our academic programs,” said Naveed Ejaz, Office Director.

“At Zayed We strongly believe undergraduate education must be multidimensional, it should not only challenge students academically, expose them to the diversity of global cultures but also enable them to develop broad knowledge and practical skills needed to solve the most complex problems of our time.”

“Zayed University will help students define their personal and professional goals through identifying and articulating their values, strengths, and interests and empowering them to learn how to connect to opportunities that will build their network, knowledge, and skills to accelerate their career trajectory, which matches the UAE’s agenda towards the next 50 years,” he added.

The International Education Show has become the most popular higher education event in the Country and the region, which is much awaited by the student community since Higher education is now a major driver of economic competitiveness in an increasingly knowledge-driven economy.

The show will be the best platform for educational institutions from across the region and world to spot the brightest talents who are willing to pursue higher studies in a variety of specializations in Reputable institutions in different cities and countries. Industry analysts have been noticing a healthy growth in the number of students enrolling in primary, secondary, and tertiary education segments, along with a rise in the number of education institutions in the country and the region.

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