Zayed University Organizes An Awareness Initiative To Improve The Quality Of Education For Students Of Determination

20 Dec 2021

The Student Accessibility Services Department (SAS) at Zayed University organized an awareness campaign with the participation of Al Ahlia Charitable Schools to improve students of determination teaching quality, effectiveness and easy access to educational services.

The initiative included an online training program that included teachers few training sessions that occurred in the 2021-2022 academic year. More than 8o teachers attended the sessions from Al Ahlia Charitable Schools branches.

Fatima Al Qasimi, Director of Student Accessibility Services Department at Zayed University, said: "We always aim to raise awareness in the community by targeting teachers, inclusion teams in schools, students' families, in addition to all individuals in the local community by focusing on creating an inclusive and accessible educational environment for all students.” She also highlighted the importance of developing basic concepts for the etiquette to deal with Students of Determination throughout their educational journey, in addition to creating and preparing curricula that is  accessible for all learners by using assistive and accessible technology, in order to enable Students of Determination to access education independently.”

Ms. Bashaer Tahboub, Coordinator of the Inclusive Education Department in Al Ahlia Schools, said: “The Department of Student Accessibility Services has raised awareness and opened our eyes on how technology can be used to help aid special needs kids in their education. On behalf of the National Charity School, I would like to thank them for guiding us towards a better generation of learning, a generation where we can provide special needs kids with the tools to succeed inside and outside the classroom”.

The initiative aims to prepare a generation capable of using modern technologies and providing educational opportunities for children of low-income families to achieve the best levels of education. The two sides cooperated by providing a training program SAS Specialists in Zayed University for local schools cadres.