Zayed University and Al-Mubarakah Foundation Collaborate to Drive More Emirati Youth Into Volunteering

29 Jun 2020

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, of the “Mubarakah Foundation” and Her Excellency Noura bint Muhammad Al-Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, President of Zayed University have recently virtually signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), to encourage youth volunteering, as per the UAE leadership’s aspirations.

Both ends, following the agreement, shall support both students and graduates from Zayed University in ways that enable them to achieve success and enhance their personal, social and cognitive developments. It also prepares them to actively engage in a dynamic world, develops their leadership capabilities, and motivates them to participate in various activities.

"We are pleased to join hands with the Al-Mubarakah Foundation, one of the leading institutions in presenting its programs and activities for the youth, and aids the development of their capabilities and aims in empowering them to ensure social responsibility towards their nation," said Noura Al-Kaabi.

She added: "Zayed University is interested in developing the knowledge of young people and honing in their skills to help them keep pace with the challenges of the current time. We aim to provide our students with academic, professional and leadership capabilities that enable them to succeed and excel in various fields of expertise."

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Hamdan Al Nahyan expressed gratitude towards such cooperation with Zayed University, noting that it translates the vision of the wise leadership in consolidating a voluntary work system among the various groups of society, especially the Emirati Youth. “This cooperation aims to provide the youth with the necessary practical skills to advance volunteer work and apply best practices in this regard to support the vision and mission of Zayed University and "Al-Mubarakah Foundation" in building a base of national cadres specialized in volunteering,” he said.

He also noted that Zayed University abounds with distinguished academic competencies and experiences that enable it to draw a pioneering roadmap for the desired voluntary work and strategic partnership between the two parties. Furthermore, he added that with right mindset, both ends will be able to achieve their objectives in launching a community system that supports cadres to participate effectively in advancing the march of volunteerism locally, regionally and internationally.

According to this memorandum, "Al-Mubarakah" Foundation will cooperate with Zayed University to establish joint initiatives, programs and activities that serve the community, and work to involve students in all social activities carried out by the foundation, as well as encouraging those affiliated with the Foundation's programs to attend and participate in the initiatives and events held at the University. In addition to providing vocational training opportunities for students, highlighting the University’s role as a strategic partner, creating opportunities to support and empower young people in the society in various fields, and to provide support and assistance in all aspects that serve our youth.

Zayed University will support the programs offered by "Al-Mubarakah Foundation", by attracting young volunteers opportunities to volunteer during vacation periods, cooperate in setting up joint initiatives that serve the community, and support Al Mubarakah programs through consulting services and the work of studies and research.

Dr. Fares Al Howari, Dean of the College of Natural and Health Sciences, said: “Extending the directives of the leadership of the United Arab Emirates to support young people, the Al Mubaraka Foundation launched the Commando or Maghaweer Program. Zayed University students will join this program and ZU various components will support this program which aims to empower young people in all fields, such as sports, literary, artistic and others through social media, by publishing stories of distinguished youth that contain challenges they faced and achievements they achieved during the march of exclusivity and creativity to set an example for the children of their rising generation.”

He added, “The outcome of this partnership greatly benefits our young men and women. The joint programs are focusing on supporting the development of student fluency in Arabic languages and promote leadership qualities and communicate with others among students, which encourages them to engage in their community, both inside and outside the school in a comfortable and confident way. Other programs will focus to Improve student attitudes toward reading”

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