Students Guided to Suitable Academic Majors and Career Paths

29 Jan 2020

“Major’s Day”, an annual academic guidance program, was recently organized on both Zayed University campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where teachers assisted hundreds of students in choosing their majors and, therefore, their future careers.

During the event, academic experts delivered insightful advice to the students about the latest market developments and job demands. The initiative also aims to provide colleges an opportunity to introduce new programs that they have incorporated into their latest academic plans and to inform students of their content, objects, and career prospects.

Her Excellency Dr. Behjat Al Yousuf, Acting Vice-President of Zayed University, emphasized the importance of Major's Day, which opens a channel for both students and faculty to dialogue. "It also notifies students about professional counseling services," she said. "Students would feel more comfortable picking their future aspirations, whether choosing to proceed within academic disciplines and scientific research by pursuing postgraduate studies, or seek job opportunities in the labor market.”

"Major’s day is an integral part of the students' academic experience, as it reassures proper academic guidance, offered by available teachers and mentors, and head towards a favored career path." She added, "The initiative represents higher education institutions pivotal success elements, as its distinction is linked to the excellence of graduates and their positions in their local community and the world."

Colleges' brochures, detailed bulletins for programs and courses, semester plans, and tools for academic success were distributed. Furthermore, specialists in the student success office encouraged students to participate in discussions, to note down future aspirations, to check their interests, acquire skills, and determine suitable subjects.

Students attending Major's Day were able to obtain detailed and accurate information on each of the majors offered by the seven colleges at ZU, note down requirements for success and excellence in each discipline, as well as potential post-graduation career opportunities.

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