UAE - Japan Seek Further Cultural Ties, Japanese Ambassador

20 Feb 2020

His Excellency Akihiko Nakajima, the Ambassador of Japan to the UAE, believes that both nations, have actively developed bilateral relations in various sectors, and aims to further foster cultural development.

He placed his statement during the "Japan Day" festival, which was hosted on two separate days at the male and female students promenade at the Zayed University Abu Dhabi Campus.

"I feel incredibly honored to be invited to the 'Japan Day' festival at Zayed University, and I'm very impressed by the interest shown and the enthusiasm of the Emirati students to learn and explore the Japanese culture."

Nakajima further added, "I really enjoyed learning about Japanese characteristics that I personally was not aware of, I believe that together we can explore the real volume of the Japanese culture. I am quite impressed by ZU students who are eagerly devoted to the Japanese culture and are studying the Japanese language with passion." He also added, "I am learning the Arabic Language and the culture of this remarkable nation, the UAE, and so, probably together we may be able to create a new type of civilization and culture between the two countries." 

His Excellency was received by Dr. Michael Wilson, Provost of Zayed University, Dr. Hind Alrustamani, Acting Assistant Provost Student Affairs Deanship, and Abeer Alrasbi, Director of ZU Student Leadership, and the ZU Japanese Club members.

Dr. Wilson said that the University highly encourages ZU students to explore international cultures through the annually celebrated Club Fairs, “Emirati students are extensively learning about the Japanese culture, which stands behind its overall excellence and richness, depth and multi-faceted roots that have been established in history for thousands of years.” “The Japanese Club records over 40 students as members, and numbers are on the rise each semester. We have over 60 students who have currently enrolled within the Japanese intensive language program, which is offered by the Japanese International Cooperation Center.”

The two-day event introduced various aspects of Japanese arts and culture. Attendees learned about the traditional Japanese Green Tea preperations, The Urasenke Chado Tradition, a special form of preparing the tea called Match, which became the basis for a profound spiritual discipline that has had a pervasive impact on the Japanese civilization. Matcha is a green powder mixed with hot water and supplemented by separate pieces of sugar to sweeten the taste.

Attendants toured specialized platforms that display Japanese life arts as they appear in traditional hospitality, fashion, the art of flower arrangement "Ikebana", the art of paper folding designs "Origami" and the art of Japanese calligraphy in parallel with the art of Arabic calligraphy and explored ways of mixing both art, in addition to Anime and Manga drawings, Japanese book designs, and displayed latest video games.

The second day event was attended by Seiko Nakajima, wife of His Excellency Akihiko Nakajima, the Ambassador of Japan to the UAE.

The event is co-organized by the Embassy of Japan in the UAE and Zayed University Japan Club, in cooperation with Sumitomo Corporation.

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