Noura Al Kaabi Joins Zayed University Students for UAE 48th National Day Celebrations

28 Nov 2019

Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, President of Zayed University, joined the students 48th National Day Celebrations in Abu Dhabi ZU campus.

She said that the UAE has succeeded in spreading unity values, which were​ delivered by the founding father, Late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan. stating that the nation today is valued as an international role-model in caring for its citizens, developing their capabilities and motivating them to fulfill their duty and play their role in the sustainable development process.

Her Excellency toured the Promenade of Zayed University alongside the Vice-President, Prof. Reyadh Al Mehaideb, Dr. Michael Wilson, the Provost, Sadiq Al Mulla, Chief Administration and Finance Officer, a number of faculty members and staff.

Many stalls were created to transform visitors from the traditional Emirati villages into the futuristic modern age of today, reaching all the way to the moon. Each station had its own activities that symbolized gratitude to nationalism and homeland, ranging from original paintings to Arabic calligraphy, cooking, traditional board games, music and folkloric dances, all the way to building an Emirati space station. Various international student clubs held their traditional activities, embodying friendliness and tolerance between all.

The events also included exhibitions and activities representing university faculties inspired by academic specialties, such as designs exhibition of Islamic heritage pieces inspired by the atmosphere of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a cultural seminar on the achievements of the founder of the nation and its role towards tolerance. It also included an exhibition on the cultural rapprochement between the UAE and Africa and presentations of historical and documentary films about the UAE.

In the university branch in Dubai, the activities were distributed in the central and external campus yards, it included performances by Al-Khayala, Al-Ayala, Al-Mazyoud and Al-Mazyad, some poetry sessions, classical cars showcased, and local crafts such as Sadu and Al-Tali, in addition to the heritage area and the old market.

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