Scientific Forum Held by Zayed University and HMHC

16 Mar 2019

Innovation is never a tool to surpass heritage, experts argued during a recently jointly held forum by The Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Center and Zayed University.

In the digital age and at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution, heritage is celebrated in the UAE and not forgotten. The Innovation and Heritage Forum aimed to promote research activities related to heritage and innovation among university faculty and students.

Preservation of cultural heritage is among the primary concerns of contemporary societies. Its significance has both economic and cultural roots. Culture and heritage are meaningful for both personal and collective developments of an individual, said the Vice-President of Zayed University.

Prof. Reyadh Al Mehaideb pointed out that the Faculty members from the Humanities and Social Sciences College, drive their educational and research roles towards the UAE heritage, “We are currently developing a curriculum that works to educate young Emiratis and equip them with knowledge about their heritage and culture. To enrich their maturing mindsets and developing personalities, and highly recognized by various residents and visitors to the UAE."

Abdullah Hamdan bin Dalmook, CEO of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, gave live examples of the innovations that the Center links to culture, such as calculating the speed of birds in heritage tournaments and in falconry contests.

"It took us about three-hours to measure and analyze the birds' speed, which required us to take up to days to register tracking devices of all the participating birds, which sometimes reach over 500 birds," he said.

"We worked with UAE engineers to find out how to invent a device that enables us to calculate speeds in a short time. We have already invented a device that processes in two minutes. This is a great example of maintaining heritage and develop it in a way that will be sustainable for future generations."

Ahmed Al Mazrouei, Founder and CEO of Ahmed Al Mazroui Center for Innovation, registered over 120 inventions and innovations to his talents. He spoke of his most notable creations, distinctly in the field of mechanical and electrical inventions, which were awarded several national, regional and international medals and prizes.

He founded a device, when attached to the Robot Camel Jockeys, measures accurate speeds of the animals while racing. He explained to the students and the audience his initial start into the world of innovation and enclosed its importance in preserving the UAE folk heritage, and how to employ it in a way that meets the needs of the community. He stressed the need to be patient and determined to complete any journey and reach the desired objectives.

The ceremony was attended by Hamad Ahmed Al Rahoumi, Chairman of the Diving Committee, Mohammed Obaid Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Shooting Committee and Mohammed Abdulla Bin Dalmouk, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Fazza Championships.

On the sidelines, the fourth issue of the annual 'Emirates Flashes' scientific research magazine dedicated to Emirati and Heritage studies, conducted by Zayed University Students under the supervision of Dr. Asmaa Obaid, was inaugurated as part of the Integrated Heritage Innovation Exhibition.

It's worth mentioning that culture and heritage are necessary for satisfying aesthetic, spiritual, and cultural needs; moreover, they convey some economic aspects. Cultural heritage mirrors the achievements of human civilizations and the wisdom of generations.

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