Zayed University Partners with Al Jalila Foundation to Further Develop Ta'alouf Programme

30 Mar 2014

Zayed University today established a partnership through signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Al Jalila Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to transforming lives by making lasting and significant contributions in healthcare,  in order to to equip teachers with the skills needed to respond to the diverse needs of children with disabilities. Teacher professional development is the next phase of Al Jalila Foundation’s Ta’alouf initiative, replicating its success with parents to date.  

As teachers are the most important factor in determining the quality of education a child receive, the programme will help them to broaden their understanding of inclusive educational practices and develop individual learning plans catering to children’s needs.  The UAE Ministry of Education and the Government of Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) are integral stakeholders, fully endorsing its concept.

Based on input from 55 principals, department heads and teachers representing 30 private and government schools across the country, the course is designed and conducted by Zayed University in coordination with Al Jalila Foundation and will include an instructional period, a classroom-based practical session and a mentoring phase. Together with Al Jalila Foundation, the programme will be rolled out across 20 private and governmental schools, targeting 128 teachers 30  at the first level.

Prof. Abdalla AlAmiri, Provost of Zayed University, stated: “With Al Jalila Foundation’s extensive philanthropic experience and Zayed University’s educational capacities, we expect this collaboration to reap significant benefits to society. Both parties strongly believe that social inclusion is deeply rooted in a strong educational infrastructure and network and we hope that our partnership sets a precedent for ongoing collaborations in the future.”

Dr. Abdulkareem Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, commented: “Through the Ta’alouf initiative we hope to develop awareness and create an empowering environment for children with disabilities in our society. Providing children with the equal opportunity to develop alongside their peers in mainstream school is at the heart of social inclusion, and a compassionate teacher professional development programme will help to make this possible. We are proud to work with a reputable, world-class partner for this philanthropic cause.”

53 parents recently graduated from Ta’alouf’s Parents Training Programme, which aims to offer parents the skills needed at home to complement their children’s education. 100 parents have registered for the next course, which commenced earlier this month in both Arabic and English.