H.E. Dr. Maitha AlShamsi, President of Zayed University Highlights the University's Strategy for the New Academic Year

18 Sep 2013

In her keynote address on the occasion of the University’s 16th convocation, and in the presence of H.E. Prof. Abdalla AlAmiri, ZU Provost along with faculty and staff,  H.E. Dr. Maitha AlShamsi, Minister of State and President of Zayed University praised the tremendous progress the university has made since its founding in 1998. During her address, H.E. Dr. Al Shamsi pointed the tremendous achievements the university has made in terms of academic recognition, services provided, and contributions to disseminate knowledge and education, in its short life span.

Her Excellency added: “Achieving our aspirations, however, whether on a personal or an institutional level, may never be realized if we do not commit ourselves to hard work and excellence as the only means to maintain a distinguished position in a world that does not welcome those who are not willing to constantly evolve. Hence, maintaining our current position is the threshold to greater achievements and excellence”.

The President emphasized that the university has been since its inception, dedicated to meeting a set of expectations that keep pace with international standards as it builds an international reputation, achieves distinguished levels of academic and administrative quality, and ensures excellent education for its graduates.  

“We hereby offer our assurance-H.E. added- that the University will continue its path of success, to strengthen its benchmark of distinction and excellence”.

“It is imperative that our prime objective as a public university is to ensure high levels of education and preparation for our students, as they are our prime investment”.

Her Excellency the President explained that the University has worked towards updating its Vision, Mission, and Values, and has submitted to the Federal Government a strategic plan which represents a road map for the next level.  

She also assured that The University shall adhere to the highest levels of professionalism in its work to ensure that its graduates are endowed with the knowledge, qualifications, skills, and ethics to meet the aspirations of the leaders of the Nation.