Zayed University successfully conducts a Professional Development week in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

22 Dec 2013

Zayed University successfully organized a Professional Development week on both its campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai during the week of December 15, 2013.

Throughout the week, a number of workshops were conducted by faculty and staff based on the following themes: Research, Classroom Based Research (Action Research), Mobile Learning, Classroom Practice, Language, Assessment, Critical Thinking, and Technology Training. 

The Professional Development week included a mix of sessions, some based purely on research, others more on classroom practices and others more on technology.

a) The sessions that were offered included:

b) Presentation of individual research projects

c) Sharing of strategies for collecting, analyzing and publishing research

d) General principles of teaching and learning

e) Changes in pedagogy made possible by mobile technology

f) Classroom-based practices including classroom management, workflow, integration of mobile technology, language development, research, student engagement, project-based learning, assessment

g) Technology training on specific apps and software

h) Workplace skill development such as teamwork and conflict resolution 

The Professional Development week witnessed a wide participation from faculty in all Zayed University colleges and departments, as well as staff from many parts of the university. It was an excellent opportunity for members of the ZU community to share their experiences, learn more about the work that their colleagues are engaged in, discuss their research interests, and share classroom strategies that can help the university achieve the most important goal of all –increased student learning and engagement.

Overall, 63 sessions were held on Abu Dhabi Campus with approximately 200 participants and 76 sessions were held on Dubai Campus with 220 participants. 

The week concluded with a Town Hall Meeting, where Zayed University faculty and staff took part of the interactive gathering and had a chance to share their concerns and address their questions to Senior Management. Zayed University Provost Prof. Abdalla AlAmiri, also shed light on a number of important points pertaining to the strategic and operational plans for Zayed University and the new Federal Authority for Government Human Resources Laws and Legislations that Zayed University is committing to.