Zayed University goes Mobile

12 Oct 2011

Etisalat announces collaboration with Zayed University for implementing m-education

Dubai, October 13 2011: In a leapfrog development towards enabling mobile education (m-education) in the UAE, Etisalat today announced a transformational collaboration with Zayed University for implementing m-education solution at the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Campus. The solution will be deployed in collaboration with Blackboard Inc, a leader in technology-enabled education services.

Once deployed, the Blackboard Mobile Learn solution from Etisalat will enable students and teachers to gain instant access to their courses and content on their handheld devices. Powered by Etisalat’s 3.5 G network that covers over 99% of the populated areas in the UAE, the m-education solution will be compatible with Android™ and BlackBerry® phones and iPhone OS-powered devices including iPad.  

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim Vice President of Zayed University said:  “Blackboard Inc will be a new and advanced addition to our educational tools, this initiative also falls under the efforts of the university in keeping up with the advanced technology of the 21st century.”

ZU Press Release

“The continuous collaboration between Zayed University and different associations, organizations and companies of different sectors support the principle of “Community Engagement” that the university calls for”, Al Jassim added.  

Commenting on this collaboration, Mr.Abdulla Ebrahim Al Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Business Solution at Etisalat said: “Mobile education will elevate the current education delivery mechanisms to a new level and we would like to congratulate Zayed University for their visionary leadership in realizing the potential of mobile education. M-Education is significant not only for students, who can now attend lectures irrespective of where they are, at their convenience, but it also empowers teachers and faculty to engage many more students by increasing their reach and interaction, two very essential elements of education. The application, once deployed by Etisalat in collaboration with Blackboard, will provide enhanced mobility and flexibility to students and academic staff and will enable them to gain instant access to their courses and content on their handheld devices.”