Zayed University graduates introduce the Boum App

25 Oct 2011

Two former Zayed University students, Fatma Al Ghaith and Meera Al Siri, are taking their graduation project Boum to the next level.

The mobile application will be released on Blackberry APP World during GITEX. Boum is a mobile application that makes it easy to interact and share the best places in the U.A.E.

Meera Al Siri co-founder of Boum said, “The application allows users to share views and comments about different places and destinations in U.A.E.“ Al Siri added, “We hope to reach 10,000 downloads during our first week of launch”.

Boum started off as a small idea but now it is being incubated by ZeroWireLabs, a Canadian company that offers mobile networking solutions.

Boum heavily relies on users because it is a user-generated application. “The user puts in the information, this is why we chose 50 founding members before our initial launch to helps us in providing the information for the app, those 50 members get offered exclusivity of using the application before anyone else.” Fatma Al Ghaith, Co-founder of Boum.

Al Ghaith adds the simplicity aspect of ‘Bouming it’. “ It is very simple and basic, first you download the application, walk into a location, take photo, upload it, and write what you want and ‘boum it’, another option is also available of 'locations near me' where the user can see what places close by that have been added to Boum and read reviews from other users".

Being Emirati is an important aspect of Boum. “We wanted to do something different , like no other, even though a lot of mobile applications exist, ours is different because it is created by two Emirati females and also our main goal is to have Boum as the top mobile application for the U.A.E”.Al Siri added.

“Boum” is a mobile application based on user content that will allow people to experience the U.A.E from local users. The Boum was chosen because it is the Arabic translation of Dhow. Just like those Dhows , Boum will be a tool that will be used to transport ideas, comments and reviews of users to other users as well as in sharing views on destinations and hot-spots all around the UAE.