Zayed University is the Education Partner of DIFF for the second year in a row

14 Dec 2011

For the second year in a row Zayed University is the official Education Partner of the Dubai International Film Festival. A selected group of students from the College of Communication and Media Sciences have been selected to produce and curate content for the official Film Festival YouTube Channel.

The students have been involved in all aspects of production spanning from  recording and editing interviews, to going behind the scenes and covering the Red Carpet soirees.

The team has been working around the clock in order to upload the content to the channel as quickly as possible so that  viewers get to enjoy an "almost live " experience of the Festival activities.

For its 8th year edition, The Dubai International Film Festival has introduced live YouTube Coverage, a first of its kind initiative in the region. The world premiere of “Mission Impossible 4” was scheduled on the opening night and included the presence of actor producer Tom Cruise and most of the film cast.

Showcasing such an event live on YouTube has offered many people around the world the opportunity to log on the home page of the Festival and enjoy the coverage live as it happened. 

Marilyn Roberts Dean of the College of Communications and Media Sciences said "We are so proud of the College of Communication and Media Sciences students who had this fantastic opportunity to work in collaboration with DIFF to create a You-Tube channel with exclusive video of the DIFF events. What a learning experience for them and a wonderful opportunity to showcase their talents worldwide. This is the second year of our relationship with DIFF. The College hopes that we can continue this learning partnership for years to come. "

Giorgio Ungania, Executive Director of the Zayed University Media Initiative said: "It has been a true pleasure to work with the CCMS Students on this project; such an International event requires a high standard of professionalism that Zayed University met impeccably. While on the mission of giving the YouTube channel audience a complete coverage of the Festival we gave particular exposure to young Emiratis directors, actors and producers that will shape the local movie industry for the years to come. The production of a high caliber YouTube Channel is a very practical endeavor and demands many skills and many strict deadlines. Our students had a unique chance of putting in practice all the theory that they learnt in their classes together with gaining practical experience that will serve them for their future professional careers"

Maryam Al Ansari YouTube Channel Project Manager said: " The Dubai International Film Festival is one of the best in the Region, so we encourage our students to be part of it. Being in the Youtube Channel team gives them the chance to use and develop their interviewing, shooting and editing skills. Also it’s a good place to make connections with other people in the field, which might also give them the opportunity to start making their own movies that enrich the UAE movie scene. This festival is where we want to see our students in the future."

Khadija Jaffar, Zayed University Student said: "This is my first time at DIFF, and it  was an absolutely amazing experience with all the glamour and the magic that a Film Festival entails.  Being part of the production team was an honor. We are representing the UAE, our country that is hosting the event. This definitely was an excellent opportunity to learn new techniques and meet new people in the field. I very much enjoyed the experience and would love to be a part of DIFF again next year."