Zayed University inaugurates the World of Work Summer Employment Program

24 Jun 2010


Zayed University inaugurated its "World of Work" (WOW) summer employment program in its Abu Dhabi and Dubai campuses. The program prepares students who are willing to work in different organizations during the summer holidays. The program attracted around 75 students from different colleges, with the participation of 45 organizations.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Vice President of Zayed University said, the WOW program is a good opportunity to deal with the market needs through cooperating with major organizations and institutions and exchanging experiences. The program is part of the university's training program and employment strategy to help students gain practical experience. Zayed University organizes and participates in career exhibitions to present the different academic programs and enable organizations to present their training programs. The WOW program provides opportunities for Zayed University graduates to find jobs, as well as keeping them occupied during the summer. This is also an opportunity to strengthen the ties between the different corporations and the universities in the UAE which will facilitate the Emiratization programs which different organizations are keen on providing.

Fatma Al Muhsen, Career Services at Zayed University, Dubai, said the WOW program this year attracted various organizations and institutions, 30 organizations from Dubai and 15 from Abu Dhabi. This program was organized by the Careers Services office at the Office of Enrollment Management and Admissions at Zayed University. The program lasted a month and included many workshops on how to deal with job requirements, such as writing CV's, going for interviews, how to maintain a positive behavior at your workplace, and how to apply for vacancies. The students who have participated in this program will be joining the workforce for two months starting in July. Zayed University also provides its students with on-campus, paid jobs throughout the year in different departments. These jobs do not conflict with the student's study hours and enables them to gain work experience as well as monetary benefits.