Zayed University Students Present Scientific Shows in Public Health

26 Jan 2010

Five students from the Department of Natural Sciences and Public Health (NSPH), College of Arts and Sciences at Zayed University-Dubai, presented their graduation project on different topics related to Environmental Health, Health Education, Health Promotion and Nutrition. An event was held on campus to celebrate this occasion where Dr.Michael Allen, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Dr.Usama Alalami, Associate Professor, Dr.Carol Campbell, Assistant Professor, and a number of professors and students attended.

Vice President of Zayed University, Dr.Sulaiman Al Jassim, said the graduation project ideas that the students come up with are linked to the various concerns in the community and are applied to the students' academic programs. The projects are assessed according to many standards, including the ability to apply it in real life and how much benefit and positive effect the project will have in their field of study. The students express many workable ideas and recommendations throughout their projects.

Dr.Sulaiman stated the university supports of these new projects and inventions at the support of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, President of Zayed University, of student activities and creativities.

He also praised the projects of students of NSPH which contributes in raising health awareness and handling eating habits and behaviours in everyday life according to the health regulations, especially in this era with the spread of different diseases facing the world today.

Nouf Abdulghani's project was about the effects of heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning on one's health. Her research focused on the importance of air quality in closed areas and its connection to possible health outcomes, given that many people spend long hours in air conditioned areas. If the ventilation system was not maintained properly, this can cause many problems and some can be quite dangerous.

Shaima Hassan raised the idea of the relationship between children's diet, physical activity, lifestyle and family income and obesity among children. She said the aim of this study is to focus on what causes obesity at a young age in the UAE. This project was implemented in two public schools in Dubai.

Marwa Al Awadhi studied the properties of antimicrobial that is present in natural herbs such as garlic, ginger and cinnamon. Naseebah Al Marzouqi used microbial analysis methods to study the diffusion of microbes in wastewater treatment in Dubai in cooperation with the sewage purification plant, with the supervision of Dr.Munawwar Khan. Sheikha Al Ghurair studied the relationship between weight and diet and chose students from Zayed University as volunteers for her research.

Dr.Usama Alalami commended the high quality of research projects that has been presented and added that ‘‘the presentation of graduation projects shows the amount of work and effort that has been put into it by the students and that all the projects are related to issues in the UAE, related to the student's field of study, and will help in raising awareness among different entities in the country.'' He also pointed out the strong communication between the students and professors through their supervision and advice on the projects.