ZU and Dubai Customs host a seminar on work behavior and customs laws

02 Nov 2009

In collaboration with Dubai Customs, Zayed University organized a seminar on work behavior and customs laws and means of mechanisms enforcement, at the University Dubai campus in the presence of a number of officials as well as faculty and administrative staff and students.

The seminar comes within the framework of cooperation and communication with the various community institutions and bodies and the students and academic Honor Code recently put forward by the University to emphasize on commitment to the values and principles governing the academic and humanitarian behavior among students to embody the genuine values that characterize the UAE community.

Dr. Sulaiman AlJassim, Vice-President of Zayed University commented that the Honor Code reflects how keen is Zayed University to be fully committed to achieve the highest academic levels and to implement the highest standards of integrity, honesty and respect, mainly since the University is honored to carry  the good name of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who taught generations the genuine great values, adding that this Code forms the academic and intellectual cornerstone of the University and  is the guide for the behavior expected from students at the university.

Dr. Sulaiman praised the collaboration with Dubai Customs, which frames the willingness of the University to effectively communicate with the community different institutions and sectors by offering academic and training programs and participating in various events as well as providing professional counseling by experts among faculty members alongwith the practical training programs offered to students, emphasizing on the role of the university to provide services to its community and country.

For her part, Safia S. AlRaqbani, Development and External Affairs Chief Officer at Zayed University, clarified that in the frame of the program presented by Dubai Customs, under the title "Customs at Universities, Abdullah Abbas Makki, Director of Foreign Relations at Dubai Customs elaborated on the professional work behavior and the laws governing customs referring to the need to adhere to the work behavior standards according to the employee's work and the professional performance of his/her duties with integrity and style to enhance the stature of his/her establishment or institution, and  the approaches to deal with peers and colleagues and how to act based on mutual respect to provide excellent quality service to customers inside and outside the institution and to preserve public resources and stop inappropriate exploitation of information. AlRaqbani added that the presentation addressed the objectives of establishing customs, and the regional and international obligations and mechanisms applied in view of the optimum application of the laws. The presentation also covered the National Program of Customs Integrity and its components based on leadership, commitment, regulations, transparency and adoption of modern technologies, as well as boosting morals and institutional culture sense and consolidating relationships with the private sector.

Al Raqbani said that the professional presentation made by Dubai Customs embodies a form of community communication through partnership with bodies and institutions and business sectors in the various areas through its strategy and programs to implement the best academic and professional practices, positively reflected to refine the students' personalities and the excellent outputs of the university.