ZU Students Council organizes a cultural campaign for the Human Soul

09 Nov 2009

Zayed University Students Council organized a cultural campaign for the human soul under the title "Myself and the Way I Love to be".  The Campaign included several events which covered lectures on various topics, including religion, psychology, social, art exhibitions and marketing, which were conducted by students' clubs and a number of institutions.

As clarified by Mouza Rashid al Alari, Speaker of the Students Council of Zayed University in Dubai, the campaign addressed human self-interest and the pursuit of high moral character of the various aspects, including the beauty of the outer appearance and internal balance. The campaign included several lectures in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Affairs in Dubai, where Scholar Abdel Rahman Al Mulla delivered a lecture under the title "What Are You Worried About?" in order to assist students in addressing the concerns and problems which they may be faced with.  He stressed the importance of searching for integrity and God's obedience,  as well as in keep good friends and learning more about science and knowledge in matters of religion.  Scholar Amr Saad, in his lecture, gave a solid description of the human soul and made various referrals to samples and models of people's peaceful lives.                                                            

On his part, Ahmed al-Shibh offered a presentation on valuable life experiences of a number of people whose balanced characters helped them to achieve remarkable success in the various aspects of their lives, including work, worship and study.                                                               

Mozah Al Alari added that the campaign, which continued throughout the week, also included an exhibition of various traditional and modern products provided by a number of companies and institutions.  During this Campaign, a social program was launched under the title "My Secrets", whereby students' problems were addresses by specialists in full confidence.  At the same time, the campaign included art shows and competitions in miscellaneous general information and how to identify people's characters.