ZU and Ningxia University..Towards forging academic and professional cooperation

13 Nov 2009

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Vice - President of Zayed University, had recently welcomed Professor He Jianguo, President of the Chinese Ningxia University and the accompanying delegation, which included a number of university professors and specialists at the Zayed University Dubai campus, in the presence of Dr. Daniel Johnson, ZU Provost, Dr. Bob Cryan, Associate Provost for Academic & International Affairs and Dr. Thomas Cochran Executive Advisor to the Vice-President and the Provost

Dr. Jassim said  that he had discussed with the Chinese delegation the cooperation means in scientific and academic areas, pointing out that ZU since its inception, focused on quality and excellence whereas it has established a state- of -the -art  technology base in administration and education,  and  has attracted faculty members and staff of highly distinctive competencies and expertise in various areas and cultures in addition to founding efficient periodic reviews and evaluations of all sectors and projects in pursuit of continuous improvement.

Dr. Jassim added that the Chinese delegation was briefed on the University's undergraduate programs, which include  Literature,  Art and Design, in addition to International Studies and Health Sciences in the disciplines of health, environment, health education and nutrition,   the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management, Communication and Media Sciences, Education and Technology, as well as the graduate programs for the Executive Master in Health Care Management, Public Administration, Master in Arts in Design, Business Administration, Finance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Master of  Science in International Business , Master of Arts in Tourism  Communication and  Master of Education in Educational Leadership in addition to the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and in Special Education, along with Information Technology majoring in Information Security, and the Master of Science in Education and Learning Development.

The Vice-President added that the Chinese delegation was also briefed on the Zayed University's experience in establishing advisory councils for colleges, which include a selection of specialists, with expertise in various sectors and disciplines, to take advantage of their opinions and suggestions and to develop communication means with the community. On the other hand, Professor He Jianguo, President of Ningxia University, praised the cultural development he had witnessed with the accompanying delegation during his visit to the State as well as the excellent and modern premises of Zayed University and its academic and scientific programs, which reflect the state's leaders vision and sponsorship of education in preparing their children to participate in the development of their country. He had also expressed the hope to consolidate cooperation with Zayed University in the academic and research areas and exchange of student delegations, pointing out that Ningxia University was founded fifty years ago in the northwest of China with about 20,000 students, including 36% of Muslim minorities from all parts of China. The University offers 23 different majors in 68 undergraduate programs as well as master's and PhD programs. He added that the university has adopted a number of social and environmental projects and has successfully raised solutions to the problem of desertification in some areas in China, and is linked with academic cooperation agreements with a number of Arab and international universities.