Zayed University organizes the Mexican Cultural Day

21 Dec 2009

In collaboration with the Mexican Consulate, Zayed University organized a day on the culture and history of Mexico and the employment and training opportunities with its academic and commercial institutions, at the University Dubai campus with the participation of Dr. Daniel Johnson, ZU Provost, and Francisco Escobar, the Mexican Consular in Dubai, faculty and administrative members and students along with representatives of leading companies and institutions in Mexico.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, Vice-President of Zayed University, noted that this exhibition falls within the cultural and artistic activities offered by the different university departments with the participation of students from its various colleges and clubs, and aims to promote awareness on the different  international cultures and peoples and  encourage the exchange of experiences that contribute to the development of the student skills, personalities and opportunities with major institutions and various business sectors in view of offering appropriate training programs.

Dr. AlJassim added that the cultural and academic programs offered by the university integrate knowledge and professionalism to achieve distinctive learning outcomes characterized by leadership, awareness and modern skills to enable young generations to participate in the development of their country and add quality to the progress and advancement process in all fields.

The Vice-President praised the efforts deployed by the university students in Dubai and the Mexican consulate staff who helped organize this cultural event which reflected the various aspects of the Mexican life and enriched the students knowledge.

On the other hand, Salha AlKas, the Career Development Coordinator in the Dubai campus noted that the Mexican day included several cultural and historical events, competitions and presentation of research ideas that can be developed by students from Zayed University and Mexican university students covering the historical, artistic and educational topics in  both the UAE and Mexico, in addition to organizing  popular fashion shows that reflect the  Mexican culture. Various large Mexican companies and institutions participated in this event and made presentations on their activities, employment and training opportunities that can attract students.

Moreover, the Mexican Consulate in Dubai spoke about consolidating the relationship between UAE and Mexico and cooperation between both countries by offering ideas and suggestions on the possibility of exchanging delegations of students and faculty members between Zayed University and the universities of Mexico, in addition to offering scholarships.  The Cultural Day also included art exhibitions of famous international artists who lived in Mexico, films and documentaries about similarities of customs, traditions, popular games and heritage between the UAE and Mexico to end with a presentation of some research work prepared by the university students about life in Mexico.