Health Research Project presented by a ZU student in the United Kingdom

14 Dec 2009

Student Khadija Jaffar Dawood Moosa from the Department of Natural Sciences and Public Health, College of Arts and Sciences, Zayed University participated in the Fifth International Conference for Health Research held recently at the University of Birmingham in Britain with the participation of about 300 specialists and others interested in health matters, universities and international organizations from around the world , accompanied by Dr. Usama AlAlami, Associate Professor  and co-investigator, Dr. Tofi Rahal , both from the Department of Natural Sciences and Public Health at Zayed University. Khadija presented on the topic of mismatched learning styles and their relationship to stress.

Dr. Sulaiman AlJassim, Vice-President of Zayed University praised the participation of ZU student in this international conference to enrich her academic experience, and which was an opportunity to meet with international professionals stressing the excellence of  academic programs and courses offered at the university compatible with the best educational practices of international universities, adding that

the participation of university students in many events, conferences and competitions at local, regional and international organizations contribute to develop their skills and communication abilities.

Dr. Al Alami indicated that the 2-day conference was held for the 5th consecutive year, and discussed many issues and topics, including education, scholarships and organizational development in the area of health in addition to applied health sciences. Al Alami elaborated that the poster presented by the ZU student addressed the impact of the different educational systems and modern methods applied, in addition to the levels of physical stress for students. He pointed out that the poster has won a scholarship from Zayed University and will be completed in two years with the collaborators in the University of Birmingham.

On her part, student Khadija Jaafar said that the project has an international arm with collaborations already established in the UK. Attending the conference has given her the opportunity to discuss future projects. "I felt, Khadija said, I was representing Zayed University and the UAE, and this gave me a sense of pride. I would encourage other students to attend international conferences."