The Minister of Culture opens Shifting Sands of Creativity at ZU in Dubai

31 Dec 2009

His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development opened the art exhibition organized by the students of Department of Art & Design, College of Arts & Sciences at Zayed University, Dubai campus, titled "Shifting Sands of creativity".  The exhibition was attended by Dr. Sulaiman AlJassim, Vice-President of Zayed University and a number of officials, public figures, faculty members and administrative staff.

The exhibition includes contemporary artworks from locally based artists in curated exhibitions and more than 50 student artworks. The Students' artworks include video, photography, painting, installation, sculpture and runs until January 7.

His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais praised the high caliber of the exhibition and the efforts of students, which reflects the quality of the academic curricula of Zayed University and contributes to the development of the abilities and skills of the talented students. Al Owais noted the growing art movement in the UAE and its important role in raising the cultural awareness of the people. His Excellency stressed the excellent presentation of the artworks displayed in the exhibition and the participation of national and international artists from outside the university, which heralds a promising future of the art movement in general, adding that the exhibition of paintings emphasizes the talents and creativity of students and young artists, which is a significant asset to the country.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Jassim, expressed his appreciation for the patronage of his Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Owais of this event which encourages the artistic and cultural creativity of students, adding that the exhibition has been organized by ZU students, after they completed a course module in Curating and Exhibition Preparation, pointing out that the students have organized this exhibition as an outcome and practice of their course work.

Dr. AlJassim pointed that the artworks displayed express the students' national identity and local culture and interaction with international contemporary cultures, adding that the university, through its academic programs and application of best educational practices, as well as participation in local, regional and international conferences and seminars prepares the students to organize high level events within and outside the university.

On the other hand, Maitha Sulaiman AlJassim, a student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Zayed University who participated in the organization of this exhibition, noted that nine students were in charge of the organization and preparation of the exhibition from scratch under the supervision of Janet Bellotto, Co-Chair, Department of Art & Design.  Maitha added that she, with her colleagues Maitha bin Lahej and Mira Huraiz, have chosen "Existence" as a title to their displayed artworks to reflect their idea of presence and expression of life. Maitha noted that the exhibition also hosted international artworks such as the famous Indian artist Ubik, who held many art exhibitions in Dubai and other emirates, saying that the main goal of students from this exhibition is to spread cultural and artistic awareness on art, praising the participation of H.E. in their cultural and artistic events.