What is the OONM Mentorship Program?

Vacheron Constantin has launched a new educational initiative aiming at empowering younger women in the UAE, in collaboration with Zayed University and with the support of the local luxury consultancy, Tea Before Noon.

It will give a unique opportunity to 6 ambitious senior undergraduate students from Zayed University to be mentored by 6 inspiring and successful Emirati Women.

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Who are the mentors?

6 Inspirational Emirati Women:

  • Alia Al Shamsi,Author and Artist

  • Hala AL Gergawi,Founder and CEO of Tea Before Noon

  • Latifa Al Gurg, Fashion designer and Founder of Twisted Roots

  • Noora Shawqi, Jewellery Designer and Founder of Noora Shawqi

  • Salama Al Shamsi, Founder of Salama’s restaurant

  • Rafia Helal Bin Drai, Fashion Designer and Founder of Mauzan

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What are the requirements and how can I apply?

Student must be female, senior undergraduate at Zayed university, with high sense of commitment and responsibility and clear objectives of what she would like to achieve.  

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Can I apply for more than one mentor?

You can apply up to 2 mentors only. Your selection of the mentor should be well thought of based on your personal goals and what you are anticipating to achieve throughout the mentorship program. 

How many students each mentor will have?

Each mentor will be matched with one student only.

How can I meet the mentors?

After applying, shortlisted students based on the initial requirements will have the chance to meet the selected mentor in their application throughout a 15 minutes interview video call. Both Mentor and Mentee will have the chance to get to know each other better and ask questions related to the program, goals etc. 

How are Mentors and Mentees Matched?  

Applicants will be shortlisted based on the program criteria, then 15 minutes interview video calls will be conducted between mentees and mentors to finalize the matching process.  

What happens next after being matched with a mentor?

An induction session will be held to introduce the 6 final selected students to the program structure, requirements and guidelines.  

Following this induction session, the mentors and the students will together set the goal for this Mentorship Program to offer a tailored plan for each student in accordance with their objectives and helping them achieve their own professional destiny.

How long does the mentoring relationship last?

Throughout the six months, the mentors will generously share their own experiences, career advice, and guide the mentee to discover the reality of their own field. The program will require the student and mentor to meet regularly through one-to-one sessions allowing them to observe, explore and experiment in a professional environment.

How will I be evaluated throughout the mentorship program?

Mentees will be evaluated by their mentors throughout the program based on their commitment, attendance, achievements on short milestones and completed tasks set by their mentors.

How will I know if I was shortlisted for the program?

You will receive an official communication from Zayed University through Email. 

What would I gain from this program?

The end of this unique program will lead to a potential opportunity whereby any of the six selected students would take part of another enriching learning experience during an internship with Vacheron Constantin or another Richemont Maison.

Who do I contact for questions about the program in general?

You may contact the facilitator of the program, Tea Before Noon, at: