Wireless Config - General

New Wireless Configuration in ZU (Abu Dhabi and Dubai Campus)

  1. Students will connect to the “ZUSTUDENT” wireless network and use their ZU Student ID and password (i.e. ZAYED\20XXXXXXX and their login password). This is for iPads and laptops.
  2. Faculty will connect to “ZUSTAFF” wireless network and use their ZU ID and password (i.e. ZAYED\XXXXX and their login password).
    1. This is applicable on their iPad or Mac/PC
    2. If they want to run AirServer and present from the iPad, they need to connect their MAC/PC to the “AV” wireless network and use their ZU ID and password (i.e. ZAYED\XXXXX and their login password). iPads should only connect to the “ZUSTAFF” wireless network,
    3. There is no internet access available on the “AV” wireless network.
    4. All faculty and staff iPads should always connect to the “ZUSTAFF” wireless network.
    5. The only time Faculty laptops need to switch to the “AV” network is when they want to use Airserver and present from the iPad.
    6. “AV” network will only be broadcast/available in the classroom areas – not in the office areas.
  3. ALL student or faculty iPads will connect to “ZUSTUDENT” and “ZUSTAFF” wireless networks respectively.

Recommendation for Faculty

  1. Password protect Airserver and only share this password with the student if you need the student to present from his/her iPad.
  2. Frequently change the Airserver password.
  3. Do not present Youtube videos from the iPad unless there is no other choice (use the laptop for Youtube instead). If it is a must, mirror only one session at a time.
  4. Try to keep simultaneous mirroring sessions to a minimum (at most 3 sessions). It has little value as the projected image becomes so small after two sessions that students will be unable to see the text from the back of any classroom. It is better to mirror one session at a time – this way students will have the best experience.
  5. Ensure the that your laptop is connected to the “AV” SSID when you would like to use Airserver – otherwise continue using “ZUSTAFF” SSID