iPad Purchase Process (EN)

For All New ABP (Academic Bridge Program) Students you can choose to:

  1. Bring your own device (if you already own an iPad) OR
  2. Purchase a new iPad

Option 1 - Bring your own device

  • Only iPad 2 and the New iPad are supported – with IOS 5.x/6.xReminder
  • You will get AED 250 worth of APPS for FREE
  • Students need to bring in their iPads on the 2-SEP-2012
  • Jail broken or compromised iPads will not be provided Apps – students have to factory reset and bring the device back after that.
  • Students should have a working UAE Appstore AppleID
  • Only UAE Appstore AppleIDs are accepted as the codes will not work on any other Appstore
  • ZU does not provide any warranty on this device

Option 2 - Purchase a new iPad

  • It is the New iPad (iPad 3) 32GB, WiFi, Black model
  • You will get AED 250 worth of APPS for FREE
  • 1 year warranty from the iPad Supplier
  • Cost is AED 2,299/-
  • Please bring CASH
  • The iPad Supplier will be available on Campus (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
  • The process to buy new iPad is:
    • You need to create an AppleID and to do this you will first need your ZU User-id and Password. Kindly e-mail HelpdeskAuh@zu.ac.ae or HelpdeskDxb@zu.ac.ae with your ZU ID and Full Name - they will email you your password.
    • Use your ZU ID to create an AppleID (see the tutorial avaialable here to explain how you can do this)
    • When you arrive at the Campus to buy your iPad - you will be escorted to pick up your Student ID Card
    • After collecting the card, please visit the iPad Distribution Areas on each campus
      • Abu Dhabi Campus (F1-0-008 - Female Students and M1-0-010 - Male Students)
      • Dubai Campus (B-GF-024 - Female Students and F-GF-014 - Male Students)
    • After purchasing your iPad, you will be escorted to the App distirbution area