Dr. Hussein Sabry

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, PH. D. in Islamic Philosophy


Assistant Professor, PH. D. in Islamic Philosophy, teaches tow courses in “Islamic civilization” for undergraduate students, Course “ Intellectual schools of Islamic thought”  for master students at Zayed University, and Course of “logic and legal thinking” for master students in Academy of the judiciary in Abu Dhabi, Sabry is Co-author of the curriculum for psychology and sociology of high school students at the Ministry of Education in the UAE 2008. He taught courses for philosophy, logic and psychology for more than twenty-nine years in the UAE, Algeria and Egypt. He established the first laboratory for supervision and psychological leadership in the secondary level in the UAE 2002. He writes poetry and short stories. Moreover, he won several awards such as the award of Writers Union UAE for the short story. Sabry has published a lot of  articles in  contemporary Islamic thought issues , poetry and short stories in various magazines, newspapers and websites. Dr. Sabry was educational consultant in radio programs in Abu Dhabi Radio within Social guidance field, He is a professional trainer in thinking skills development, NLP courses  and applying scientific research. He had published books in Islamic thought such as "the vision of God in Islam," and "The doubt systematic pioneers,". In the field of the human development he published " "skill of scientific research", "with my thinking I am a human" , "The art of time management" and "The Steps of excellence,". In the field of literature he published "Al  Aqnea " a  collection of short stories, and " Anaqeed al sahar " a collection of poems. Sabry won many certificates of appreciation and recognition from various institutions for his contribution in teaching and training.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF2-2 054


+9712 402 3179