Dr. Bashir AbulQaraya

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Institute for Islamic World Studies, Abu Dhabi B.Sc. Political Science, Assiut University. M.Sc. Political Science, Cairo University. Ph.D. Political Science, Cairo University.


Bashir AbulQaraya has been at Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, since 2009. Before joining Zayed University, He worked for the Cultural Foundation and Electronic Village in Abu Dhabi. His research interests have concentrated on Political Science, Islamic Political Thought, Islamic Phenomenon, Islamic Movements, Arab Israeli Conflict, Nation State, Arab Politics, Theoretical and Methodological Researches in Political Theory, Social Development and Civil society in Arab World.


Abu Dhabi - Khalifa City, FF2-2 052


+9712 402 3356

Teaching Areas

Islamic Civilization, Islamic Studies, Islamic Issues, Islamic Concepts, Islamic History, Arabic and Islamic Culture, Politics and Culture in Arab and Islamic World, Social and economic institutions in Islamic Civilization, Contemporary Issues in Arab and Islamic World.

Research and Professional Activities

His researches have been published by the Civilization Center for Political Studies (Cairo), Gulf Research Centre (Dubai), Middle East Studies Center (Amman), Political Science Department at Cairo University, and Political Science Department at the Islamic University (Gaza). His also publishes in The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) and the Palestinian Militant Magazine (Cyprus).