The Institute for Islamic World Studies


The Institute for Islamic World Studies was established to become a remarkable landmark of teaching and researching. It uses a new methodology to teach Islamic Studies in higher education, outreaches to the community, and supports research. It aspires to become a leading international institutions in Islamic world studies.

Through teaching and research, the Institute will serve as a bridge between cultures and civilizations in the UAE and the region, and address contemporary local, regional and global conditions.


IIWS will be a leading educational and research institute in the heart of the Islamic world that aims to develop a new paradigm in the scholarship of Islam that leads to renewing the pedagogy, theories and research agenda of the different Islamic Studies disciplines.


IIWS will develop and administer untraditional Islamic studies programs related to the education and training of researchers, professionals and community leaders from the UAE and abroad. It will apply modern social sciences methods to study Islam and the Islamic world..